Identity Name Change To Build Your Future

Is your name too complicated, hard to spell or pronounce, tied to someone you don’t like? Or, is your name too plain, too ordinary, “not you at all”? You can have the legal name you want.


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General Name Change FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about NAME CHANGE. Click on any of the links below.

How does a Court Decreed Name Change work?


  1. Prepare your Name Change Petition for Court filing. Our EZ NAME CHANGE Questionnaire helps you do that in 7-15 minutes online. All the forms your court requires, with all the copies needed to complete the whole process, will be in your hands for court filing within a few days.
  2. File the Petition (Identity Name Change) in the correct Court and get your hearing date. We provide you with the correct court information and your court’s procedures for where you live.  Our instructions will walk you through it, step-by-step.
  3. Give Notice to the general public. We’ll give you all the paperwork you need, easy-to-follow instructions, information and guidance for it all. This is a requirement under California Name Change Laws (see California Code of Civil Procedure, section 1277a)
  4. Get your Identity Name Change COURT ORDER. At (or sometimes before) the hearing, you’ll receive your signed Decree Changing Name or other Court Order. We’ll give you guidelines, instructions and filled out forms for completing this step in your local court. People tell us they have feelings of great satisfaction and pride on this day…You did it!
  5. Get a Certified Copy of your Identity Name Change COURT ORDER and get Your Records Changed. This is what All the important government agencies will want to see to change your account and identification records(social security, DMV, passports, etc.). It’s official! Use it and let others know. Give notice to all your important relationships and connections. We’ll give you a handy checklist with contact information for the most important ones.

What are the costs?


  1. $115.00** is our charge to prepare your completed Petition (with all copies for filing), provide you easy-to-follow instructions and all the information you need to get Your Identity Name Change COURT ORDER. $75 more if you want Full Service Name Change.

** For detailed information about all costs to get an Identity Name Change COURT ORDER, including all court costs, click here

How long does it take?


It will take you 15 minutes or less to complete our questionnaire.
You’ll have your complete, ready-to-file Petition package within days.

It will take about 6-12 weeks from the day your Identity Name Change Petition is filed until the day you receive your Decree Changing Name. It can take longer if the courts are backed up or if you have problems in your Petition information.

Can I get turned down?


Yes. However, almost all Identity Name Change Petitions are approved. The main reasons why a Petition might be denied are:

  1. Your paperwork is inaccurate, incomplete, or reveals you or your child to be ineligible
  2. Someone lodges an objection and then your judge decides not to grant your Petition.
  3. The judge believes that granting the Petition would achieve an improper result (i.e., defraud someone, cause harm, likely to incite violence, trade on the name of a famous person, improperly hide a criminal past, etc.). See California’s Name Change laws about this at CCP 1275-1279.5

Why should I use


We’re California Name Change Specialists and do a lot of Identity Name Change Petitions. We’re passionate about helping people legally get their Name Changed to exactly the way you want it.

Our online Questionnaire (“Start My Name Change Now”) took 2 years to develop and lets you get your Petition going in just 20 minutes or less.  In a few days you’ll get a ready-to-file, properly prepared Identity Name Change Petition for an industry low $115 charge (comparison: LegalZoom $139+; lawyer $499++).  And, you’ll also get everything you need to get the Court Order to change all your important records.

Your access to us is whenever you want, by phone or email.  Our Court Information is current and personalized to Your Name Change in Your County and Your Superior Court.

We think Your Legal Name Change is a big deal! … and worth every letter of it!

When you have enough information, Let us help you get started!

I have other questions.


For other Identity Name Change information or for information about other types of Court Order Name Changes, see other articles on this page. Or, please feel free to contact us with your email or phone call questions 



I want my Gamer Name for everything
My name is too long
My step-father changed my name and now I want my birth name back
I’ve been using my “new name” since a was a toddler
I’m an entertainer and want my stage name as my legal name
I’ve been using my new name and it’s easier and I feel more confident with it
I don’t like my father and want to be known with the last name of the relative that raised me. I prefer my new first name to the one I was given
I have different names on different identification and I want them all to be the same as the one I’m using in my work
I want my middle name as my first name and want to drop the hyphen from my last name
And the number 1 reason why people get Identity Name Changes is…..
Because this is the name I’m comfortable using and I want all my accounts and records to show it that way