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How Does Name Change Work ?

What Does EZ Name Change Do?

EZ Name Change is a true California Name Change Specialist. Legal Name Change is all we do. No one else has 5-Star Reviews for Name Change. No other Name Change Service charges less or offers Full Service.

Ready-To-File Service

Everything completed correctly and completely…and Ready-To-File, with Customized, Step-By-Step Instructions.All the Forms required by your particular Name Change Court for your particular Name Change.  Specialist Customer Service available until you’re done.

Full Service

We take care of everything, and you will go get your Decree Changing Name, upon approval. All the Forms completed correctly for your particular Name Change and Your Court. We’ll do the court Filing and all the Advertising (Publishing) arrangements, including getting the Proof of Publication. Full Service makes Name Change EZ.

REAL Customer Service

From before you start to the day you’re holding your Decree Changing Name, you’ll have a California Name Change Specialist to help by phone or email. You’ll have real time assistance any time you have a question or concern. This is why we’re the only 5-Star Rated Name Change Service.

Name Change Specialists

Name Change is all we do. We don’t do Wills, or Divorces or Corporations. Just Name Change. We only do this for people who live in California, and we do it all day long…every day. Every County in California, all 58 of them. If you want it done well, you want EZ…the only California Name Change Specialist

We Do What We Promise = More Happy People

EZ Name Change has been helping people for years in successful name change, but don't take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are saying...

  •   Eric is amazing! He made the name change to my married name easy and possible after trying in vain to do it myself for 2 years! He made the process simple and straightforward and guided me every step of the way. Without EZ Name Change I don't know that I would ever have the married name it was very important to me to take! Fair and honest! I recommend Eric to anyone intimidated and frustrated by the name change process!

    thumb Karrie S.

      EZ name change is definitely the easy way to legally change a name.  The name change is for my son.  I made a call to Eric and he explained the process in a very simple way. I am very glad I found their site and the reviews are very good too.  My son is very thankful for your assistance and my husband as well.  My son honoring his step dad who helped me raised him since he was a baby. Thank you very much Eric. I highly recommend EZ name change.

    thumb Terry M.

      Eric at EZ Name Change made the headache of changing my name painless! It was a smooth process, and Eric answered all of my questions in a very timely and detailed matter. I highly recommend EZ Name Change, and I will be referring anyone who is looking to change their name to Eric and his team for the best service!

    thumb Chris Y.

      For years I had considered legally changing my name, but felt uncomfortable with all the different things I had to complete and didn't want to waste time or money by doing it improperly. On a fluke I found EZ and glad I did.

    Although I was planning on leaving LA for a couple months for work, Eric assured me it wouldn't be a problem. They'll send you all the necessary paperwork already compiled and filled out, with sticky notes directing you to where to sign, date, and write in your new name. And whether you contact them by phone or email, any questions or concerns you might have are quickly responded to and taken care of by Eric.

    Of course you need to pay for the court/publishing, and their service fee, but other than that I did absolutely nothing! I wasn't even in the state during the process. That's how EZ it is, Ha.. Definitely wish I found this service much sooner.

    If you're like me and easily get overwhelmed by forms and paperwork and all the other bureaucratic nonsense in this world, then EZ Name Change is definitely for you.

    thumb Art T.
  •   Eric provided an efficient and professional service that made the whole process a breeze.  I took care of it for my stepson who lives in Japan and Eric's help was precious in handling the many steps and forms associated with the name change.  Everything worked exactly according to the plan.  I strongly recommend EZ Name Change to anyone needing assistance with this very specific administrative and legal change.

    thumb Benoit R.

      The service was excellent .. Very professional, efficient, and accurate. All of my documents were submitted to the court and my process was successful ! I am a very thankful happy client.

    thumb Dee S.

      This is a great way to get through the process of changing your name legally if you find bureaucracy daunting or you don't have the free time to stand around at the courthouse. Eric sent a packet detailing every step of the process (and post-name change process even). My case went off without a hitch.

    thumb katie g.

      WONDERFUL! Everything was explained in detail and available for all/any questions. Worth every penny! I would reccomend this service to anyone who needs it. Thank you EZ Name Change!

    thumb Valerie W.