In this Name Change Blog, you can read about typical, interesting, and sometimes unusual Name Changes. Feel free to post your comments, ask questions, or provide a brief post about your own Name Change Experience.

Name Change can be life changing. It’s important and deeply personal to everyone who pursues it. This is a Name Change California Blog, primarily, because EZ Name Change is a California Name Change Specialist and assists residents of California to obtain a court order establishing their Legal Name Change everywhere in the US and the World.

Name Change Blog Rules

The EZ Name Change Blog is moderated and by posting here, you agree that your comments can be seen by the general public here and elsewhere where this Blog may become published. You also understand and agree that EZ Name Change, alone, shall decide whether your Name Change Blog Post is appropriate for publication here.

No profanity or postings deemed by us to be attempts to market anything are permitted and will not be allowed to publish. You should not post any information on the EZ Name Change Blog that may allow you or any other real person to be identified, contacted, or disparaged in any way.

Name Change Blog Topics

Please do share your opinions and experiences about Name Change for Adults, Children, or Families. Ask your questions. EZ Name Change Specialists will be monitoring and moderating the Blog, and will look to add information to your issue whenever possible.

There are no types of Legal Name Change that will be out of bounds. You can post about Maiden Name Change, Name Change after divorce, Children’s Name Change after re-marriage, Transgender Name Change, Changing the whole Family’s Name, when a parent(s) and child have different last names, Parents changing their minds about a newborn’s name.

Don’t be shy😊 Share your Name Change experience.

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