Name Change Help and Information is for anyone living in California now.

This Name Change Help and Information site covers your situation. Yours is one of a 100 different situations, maybe 1000, or more.  If not, call us. We’ve seen it all, and we will have you covered.

You may want a legal name change to simplify it, to honor someone, to take a family name or to remove one. Your name change might be for your career, to turn the page or to reach for the future. You may want to reflect your true identity, to unify your ID, or take a name for your own personal reasons. The reasons and situations are endless, and we know that. Name Change Help is here.

Name Change Help for Each Situation

Everyone’s name matters. No matter what reason you have to change your name – family reasons, professional reasons, personal reasons – your first concern is likely how easy/hard it will be, and what all you’ll need to do. And that’s why we’re here! Helping people change their names, regardless of the reason. It’s literally in our name! We have been helping California residents legally change their name for years. That’s all we do.

You can do these things. But, it won’t be simple, easy or free. 
There are 4 basic steps you’ll need to complete.

  1. Prepare and submit a petition and the associated required forms to change your name in the Superior Court of California,
  2. Give the legally required notices of your name change,
  3. Attend court hearing and receive your name change decree!
  4. Change ID and Official Records

Name Change Help with Court Forms and Documentation

Prepare and File a Petition, with all the required forms, in the correct Superior Court of California

With EZ Name Change Help, this will all be done for you (Full Service). There can be as many as 10 different legal forms you’ll need to complete in order to change your name. These will all need to be correctly completed and submitted to the correct Superior Court of California.You need to File the correct number of copies for the court and for yourself. The court schedules a Hearing Date upon technical approval of all your Petition Forms. Immediately after the Court Filing, you must publish an ad in a qualified newspaper (see below for exceptions).  Proof of Publication, in the correct format, should be filed well before your Hearing. For more name change help details, for adults, children or families, see How to Name Change in California.

Name Change Help with Proof of Publication, Proof of ServiceName Change Court Order - Start Now

When you legally change your name in California, you will be required to place in advertisement in a qualified newspaper (CCP 1277a). You must do the ads correctly, complying with the law, for 4 consecutive weeks. This is to advise the general public about your intended name change. There are only exceptions for Safe-At-Home and Transgender Name Change situations.  If you are a single parent, you will also need to serve legal notice on the non-consenting parent, if reasonably possible. For more child name change help about serving the other parent, including costs, see Child Name Change Costs. Prepare and File your Proof of Service before your Hearing. Prepare and File a Declaration, if you can’t reasonably serve the other parent. The Proofs of Publication and Service (or Declaration) should be properly filed at least 10 days before your Hearing.

Name Change Help with the Hearing, Changing Your ID and Records

The Hearing – Getting your Certified Copy of a Decree Changing Name

You get a Decree Changing Name, upon approval by the judge and if everything’s done right. That’s a Court Order making your name change official. A judge signs the court order, and a court clerk Certifies the Order. That becomes the document that every government and financial agency will honor. They all want you to show them a Certified Copy of your Decree Changing Name. That’s the gold standard for Name Change documentation, officially…worldwide.

Changing your ID and Official Records

Your Certified Decree Changing Name is a magic ticket for Changing Your ID and Official Records. Take it with you to the big ones. Social Security is, generally, the best first place to get your Name Changed to match the Court Order. That’s because DMV (and others) use Social Security as an anchor ID, to verify your information.  DMV, Schools, Passport, Jobs and Banks can all follow in the priority they are for you. We’ll provide a Checklist to our customers with tips and contact information. Your ID and Records can all be changed over within a couple of months, maybe even a couple of days if you’re focused and organized.

Name Change Help – Do-It-Yourself?  Or, Have a Specialist Help You?

This is a process that you can do with, or without name change help. You should allow 10 to 20 hours, or more, to do this all by yourself. Don’t expect it to be easy, simple or fun to do.

Alternatively, EZ Name Change offers Full Service Name Change if you want to save time and get it done right.  With EZ Name Change Help, you’ll spend 10 minutes giving us the information and making the payments. Then you’ll go get your Decree Changing Name, upon approval, by appointment. It’s first class service, for the price of coach:)

We’ll help you Change Your Name, quickly and with a smile, regardless of your Name Change Reason.

We know this is important, so…This EZ Name Change website has information about How To Change Your Name…How Much…Where To…How Long…Who Can…and much more. Look around, take your time and get all the EZ Name Change Information and Help you need!


Each step described and timed for you here