EZ Name Change actually helped in each of these Real Name Change California Stories. These are for real people in real life conditions. Some are common, but some are about rare or even unique occurrences.

Real Name Change California Stories – Name Change for School

Your school tells you to bring them a court order before they will let you change your child’s name in their official records.  It’s important.  We can help you with that.

EZ Name Change does Legal Name Change Petitions for A LOT of parents whose child is age 5, 15 or 17. Parents want to change their children’s names a lot at those ages. But we also do them for children from 4 days old all the way up into the 20s.  Getting a child’s name exactly right is always important.

George William Baker (age 17) – George William Morrison (age 18)Real Name Change California Stories - Name Change for School

George’s mom, Rita, raised him alone.  George’s dad left them when he was just an infant.  Neither Rita or George had any contact with George’s biological father after that.  But George’s last name was his father’s on his birth certificate. And mom never changed it legally.  Growing up, George and his mom had different last names, which caused some problems.  But they made it.

Young George grew to resent having his missing dad’s last name.  He and his mom talked about it over the years.  They both agreed that George would change it before high school graduation.  Rita learned about the court order process and how everything worked.  Because George was turning 18 in time to get a Hearing before graduation, he and mom decided to file his Petition for Change of Name ON HIS 18th BIRTHDAY.

George’s mom gave us all his information through our online system in less than 10 minutes.  We prepared everything needed for the court process.  Everyone coordinated the timing so George could sign the Petition and we could file it in his court for him on his birthday.  We arranged the required newspaper publication after getting a great Hearing date.

Rita had worked out with the school administration and Annual Publication staff that, if he could show them a Decree Changing Name Court Order before their publication close date, they would publish his brand new, personally chosen Legal Name in the school Annual.  Of course, the school agreed to change all his high school records to his New Legal Name too.

The Name Change went smoothly.  The judge signed the Decree Changing Name at the Hearing and George brought a Certified Copy of the Court Order to school that same day.  And so, just after his 18th birthday, and for ever after that….George William Morrison graduated from his high school and went enthusiastically into his adulthood with his own chosen Name.

Happy Birthday George!
Good Job Mom:)

NOTE:  In California, 1 parent can Petition to change the name of a child, without the non-consenting parent’s “permission”. However, the laws of California require either: 1) Consent of both parents, or 2) Serving the non-consenting parent with the Hearing Notice and providing proper Proof of Service, or 3) Provide a Declaration to explain why serving the non-consenting parent can’t reasonably be done and ask the court to dispense with that responsibility and/or accept Proof of Publication as actual service (see CCP 1277(a)(4)). In this case, they waited until George was legally an adult (age 18), and so the non-consenting parent didn’t need to be involved at all.

EZ Name Change actually helped in each of these Real Name Change California Stories. We have changed all names and personal details to protect the privacy of our clients, per our terms of service.

Real Name Change California Stories  – Name Change for Identification Uniformity

People sometimes get their ID and Official Records in different variations of their legal name. A court order Name Change, called a Decree Changing Name, can clear up confusion about a person’s actual legal name.  Sometimes when people get to their 50s and 60 (or earlier, or later), they find some of their official identification doesn’t exactly match: Birth Certificate, Social Security, DMV, Passport, School records, Citizenship, etc.  A Certified Copy of a Decree Changing Name can fix it so all your ID is the same.

Rita Porter-Wiley (age 74), Passport Problem

Rita Porter-Wiley’s divorce was 50 years earlier. Legal name was the last thing on her mind.  She had married Robert Wiley, and legally changed her name by writing her Last Name as Porter-Wiley on her marriage license.  Her Marriage Certificate showed her new legal name as Rita Porter-Wiley.

Real Name Change California Stories - Name Change for ID UnificationRita got all her ID changed over to her married name, as most married people do shortly after taking their new married name.  That worked smoothly, but the marriage didn’t.  In just a few years, she had divorced but didn’t think to change her name back to her maiden name during her divorce.  A little while after that, she just started calling herself by her maiden name and slowly applied to change her ID back to her maiden name.  Pre-911, it was fairly easy to do that.  Not anymore.

Rita had no problems with her ID or using her Maiden Name until she wanted to travel internationally when she was 74.  That’s when she applied for a passport and had a problem.  The passport office told her she needed a court order Name Change for them to issue a passport to her in the name of Rita Porter.  They would give her a passport in the name of Rita Porter-Wiley, but then none of her other ID would match that name.  And, for extra pressure, she had already booked her travel and only had 3 months to get everything straightened out.

Rita hired us to get her Petition for a Decree Changing Name submitted in the fastest possible time.  In California, it takes anywhere between 6 weeks and 11 months to get that court order Name Change, depending on the court and their case load at the time.  We got her Petition fully prepared, collected her signatures, got it filed, arranged the advertising and got her prepared for her Hearing.  In less than 2 months, she had her Certified Copies of her Decree Changing Name in her hands.  Now she was Rita Porter, legally, even well beyond the vacation.  That’s exactly what she wanted.

The passport people are very accommodating for people when they have both a Certified Copy of a Decree Changing Name and confirmed airline tickets in their hands.  She had a wonderful, problem-free vacation. She traveled as Rita Porter, passport to match. Don’t you just love happy endings?

NOTE: In fairness, some courts had severe backlogs at that time. We couldn’t have gotten her through the Name Change process as quickly if we had to process her in one of those log jammed courts.

EZ Name Change actually helped in each of these Real Name Change California Stories. We have changed all names and personal details to protect the privacy of our clients, per our terms of service.

Real Name Change California Stories – Name Change for a Family

When a family needs a Name Change…sometimes it’s for a child, sometimes for a spouse, sometimes it’s for all the parents and all the kids, and sometimes it’s just for one of each.  April and Jane Austin, a divorced mom and her 17 year-old daughter needed this one.

Remarried Mom (age 44) and High School Athlete Daughter (17) – Family, School Names all Mixed Up

EZ Name Change helps with a lot of Family Name Changes all over California.  Not all Name Change Courts allow all types of them, and all the different courts have their own rules about what they will and won’t allow.  We have helped with Family Name Changes for 2 adults only, for a husband and wife and their 7 children (9 people total), for 4 children only, and every combination of adults and children.  We’ll be happy to talk to you about your particular circumstances if you want to pursue your own Family Name Change.

April’s Daughter, Jane was and is an accomplished athlete.  Soccer.  She had been playing at a high level for years, in school and soccer clubs.  She was so Real Name Change California Stories - Name Change for a Familygood that she was being tracked and recruited by colleges. That attention had caused her school and soccer club to take extra steps to confirm her legal name. Her birth certificate showed it as Jane Austin.  Jane had gone by the name “Jane Conrad” since she was 18 months old. That was the problem.

Jane’s parents split up before she was born.  When her mother remarried, that man helped raise Jane and Jane always had the new family name, Conrad, almost all her life.  She never knew another name.  She was always Jane Conrad to herself, her friends and her schools and soccer associations until she got to high school and the soccer got serious. By the way, one of America’s Presidents had nearly the identical situation as an infant.

Jane’s high-school refused to track her enrollment or grades as Jane Conrad without a court order.  The soccer club refused to carry her statistics and information as Jane Conrad without a court order.  Things tend to get more serious when a child is about to become an adult, age-wise…school-wise…sports-wise.

Jane’s mother, a working “soccer-mom”, started to research out the whole process of getting the Decree Changing Name her daughter needed.  It’s easier and potentially faster if both parents Petition for Change of Name, so Jane’s father was contacted in Florida and asked if he would sign for Jane’s Name Change.  He agreed, then had reservations and conditions, but ultimately signed the Petition for her.  That process took several months.  The actual court process took about 2 months.

April (the mom) had always used her middle name in regular life, instead of the first name she was given at birth (Beatrice).  April did not take her husband’s last name on the marriage license when she got remarried.  But, later on, she began to use his last name as did the 2 children they had together. So, since Jane NEEDED to get her legal name fixed, April decided to fix hers at the same time.  The Court where they lived allowed both to go in on a single Family Petition for Change of Name.

Jane’s mom had us do the Petition, court-filing and newspaper advertising for this family (Full Service).  The judge signed the Family’s Decree Changing Name in the middle of June.  They got their Certified Copies of the Decree that same day and started getting all Jane’s records changed over to Conrad.  By the start of her senior year, no one was tracking her as Jane Austin anymore.  Jane Conrad had arrived, legally.

A lot of preparation goes into entering adulthood.  Eliminating confusion over her name removed a big barrier for her to step into senior year in high school…and beyond, full speed ahead.

Getting Jane’s Legal Name Changed to her “real name” was an important part of getting herself ready for college.  Life, and her soccer dreams too.   Name Change with a court order is a little complicated and it’s not free, but it feels so good when you’ve done it.  GOAL!  Oh, and mom cleaned up her Legal Name too.  Both their lives got simpler and their futures better supported with their Family Name Change.

And so it was, that Beatrice and Jane Wiley became April and Jane Conrad, LEGALLY!

EZ Name Change actually helped in each of these Real Name Change California Stories. We have changed all names and personal details to protect the privacy of our clients, per our terms of service.

Real Name Change California Stories – The Gift of Name Change

The Gift of Name Change is a very unusual gift for someone who has wanted one for a long time. A family member, or loved one usually gives this kind of gift. Name Change is always VERY important and VERY personal. April gave this gift to her fiance, Robert Lloyd Stevenson.

April (Age 26), Gift Giver; Christian (Age 27), Gift Recipient

The reason Robert wanted to have a Legal Name Change was that his real legal name wasn’t Robert and he because he wanted to get rid of his connection to his biological and adoptive parents.  He wanted a lot of distance between his life and them.  Robert’s last name, at birth, was his biological father’s name.  His mother died when he was one year old. Robert’s father was in prison. His grandparents took him in, but they were unable to raise him.

Then he was adopted by a couple who legally changed his name to Christian Matthew White during adoption.  But then Robert’s adoptive mother abused him.  As soon as he was old enough to do something about it, he got far away from them, changed his name in everyday life to one he wanted, and started to build a promising life.  He wanted badly to get a legal name change. But Name Change isn’t simple or free. He never got around to doing it.

Real Name Change California Stories - Name Change as a GiftWhen he was 27, Christian became engaged to April and, along the way, had confided in her about his troubled childhood and desire to Legally Change Names.  It was April who thought to investigate Name Change as a gift.  After a lot of searching, questions and answers, she hired us to make it happen.

We completed all the court forms and put them in a decorative documents envelope Name Change instructions and information, and sent them to April prepared as a gift for her to give. It went over very well on his birthday.  After Christian signed the forms, April had us file the Petition for Change of Name for them and get a hearing assignment set for a judge to review and, hopefully, sign at the hearing.  There’s also a requirement to publish a notice about the name change hearing in a qualified newspaper, and April had us do that too.

At the hearing, the judge approved that Christian Matthew White would now and thereafter, legally, be Robert Lloyd.  Within a week after that, he had changed his name with Social Security and DMV.  Robert changed his passport first. And then he amended his California Birth Certificate too.  His Amended birth certificate reflected the name he chose for his life…Robert Lloyd.

Smooth sailing Robert and April.  The way forward looks promising indeed.

EZ Name Change actually helped in each of these Real Name Change California Stories. We have changed all names and personal details to protect the privacy of our clients, per our terms of service.