What happens to my Personal Information?

Our company does not sell to, release to, or allow any other people or company to see or access any of your Personal Information. We use it to insure the accuracy of your paperwork only.

Some of your Personal Information is used by the court for contact information on you. Some of your most personal (* indicates issues only found with the criminal history assessment form and process) information is used for a mandatory criminal history assessment as part of what your judge will review in your NAME CHANGE approval process. All of your Personal Information will be available to your judge.

*What difference does it make if I have been known by other names?

*This is a required question for your CONFIDENTIAL criminal history assessment. You’ll see the paperwork when it’s printed out for you after completion of the 3-Easy Steps. It’s part of a communication between the court and the County Probation Department and a mandatory part of the NAME CHANGE process.

Why do I have to show my current address?

The NAME CHANGE process includes allowing the general public a chance to object. Your old and new names, and your address and phone number are part of the legal notice published information that satisfies that requirement. It’s an important part of the information your judge will want to make sure of when deciding to approve your NAME CHANGE Petition.

The State of California has a highly confidential program (Safe at Home) for people who need to keep their information secret for personal safety reasons. If you believe your situation requires that type of treatment, you should consult with a licensed attorney and/or contact the State of California, Name Change Proceedings Under Confidentiality Program (Safe at Home).

Why do you need to know the County where I live?

The law requires that your Name Change Petition is filed in the Superior Court for the County where you live now. Your Petition may not be approved or may not be valid if it’s filed in the wrong County.

Why do I have to give my phone number?

The court personnel may need to contact you, for instance if a scheduled date needs to be changed by the court for some reason.

In rare cases, your judge’s office may want to contact you by phone.

The completed forms to be reviewed by your judge, require your phone number in multiple places.

*Why do I have to give my Driver’s License, My Social Security My Race/Ethnicity and Birth information?

*Each of the questions about your birth (date, age, city, state, county) are required on the form used by the court to County Probation Department to make a criminal history assessment and to make sure the assessment is on you. These pieces of information go nowhere else. You can ask the Court Clerk any questions you may have about what happens to the document these answers appear on, when you file your Petition at your local Court.

*By law, whether you have a criminal background or not, your judge will insist on seeing a Criminal History Assessment from the County Probation Department before signing a Name Change Decree for you.

Our Privacy Policy assures that your private information goes nowhere else and is only transmitted to us via security encryption.