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FULL SERVICE Name Change Arizona – Costs and Service Details


EZ Name Change is Full Service. FULL SERVICE, for Legal Name Change, means we help you all the way through the court process, with guidance about updating ID after you have your Court Order (upon approval) .

This is a 5-Star rated, low-cost service run by Name Change Specialists. And, it makes the court process EZ to navigate and maybe even a little bit fun. You won’t fill out any court forms, we’ll do that correctly for you. You’ll need to supply some signatures and we’ll give you that guidance. No searching  for documents or wondering what goes where, we’ll handle all that for you. You can do this all by yourself, if you want to. But, if you want Full Service, you’ll know you’re going to get through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

We provide a lot of updates to keep you informed as things are getting done. Real people, Name Change Customer Service Specialists will be taking you though this and are available by phone or email when you have questions. This is Name Change FULL SERVICE.  And it mean EZ Name Change. Here are the details:

EZ Name Change FULL SERVICE Includes:

1. We fill in all the Court Forms

Between 5 and 15 Court Forms will be properly and promptly completed for you, with your personal information and for your specific type of Legal Name Change. You get us your information through our secure website Questionnaire here: Start Now. You’ll need get some documents signed. We’ll give you exact guidance and be available to answer questions, if any.

2. We File the Petition at the Court

EZ Name Change does the Court Filing for you. We pay the Superior Court filing fees if full (see Fee Waiver , and supply the signed and completed documents in accordance with each Court’s authorized process. We use your Case Number, Filing Date and other required Court authorization information to arrange the Advertising/Publishing required to complete the process.

3. We provide Full Service Support for Notices

Depending on your Type of Name Change and situation, you may be required to provide Notices, Consents, Document Support or Legal Publications. EZ will supply you with everything required for your Name Change case. All the completed Court Forms and Information you need to comply, with Guidance and Customer Service Support Name Change Specialists.

4. Full Service REPORT, before the Hearing

Once we have all your Court Process arrangements set, we’ll email you a comprehensive REPORT with details about what’s been set up for you, copies of the filed Application, and how/when your process will be completed. Dates, times, places and all the other details you need will all be provided to you in one, organized REPORT email. Everything you need to successfully prepare for the Hearing will be at your fingertips. And, EZ Name Change will remain available to you through the Hearing timetable and until you get your Order Changing Name upon approval … and beyond.

5. Updating ID and Official Records

EZ Name Change will be giving you a CHECKLIST and Guidance for updating ID and Official Records. Your Certified Copy of the Order Changing Name, from Superior Court, is honored by all the  government and financial agencies, such as Social Security, Arizona MVD (Real ID), US Secretary of State (Passport), Schools, Professional Licensing, all banks, etc. Updating ID and Official Records is easier than you think, once you have the Certified Copy(s) in your hands.

What You Will Need To Do, with EZ Full Service

  1. You have to give us your information,  make the payments as agreed, and pay attention to our communications. You have to get some signed documents back to us for Filing. We’ll make all of that EZ.
  2. Attend Your brief completion Hearing (we’ll make the appointment) and get Certified Copy(s) of Order for Name Change from the court, upon approval.
  3. After the court process is over, you’ll need to Update your ID and Official Records. This part will be will be easier than you think. Before you have the Certified Copy(s) in your hands, this part seems like a lot. It’s important, but will get done pretty quickly. And then it will stay done!

FULL SERVICE is HELP - Entire Court Process, and Beyond

Ez Name Change is not just a “Forms” company. It’s a 5-Star Service company, for good reasons.

EZ Full Service gives you support, from before “Start Now”,  to after Your Court Process.  Yes, we do all the required Court Forms correctly for you, but we do a lot more before and after that. For one thing, we answer questions, by phone and email, before you Get Started. and even after you have completed the court process.  Your Name Change success matters to us. Customer Service support all the way: Application, Court Filing, Notices, Hearing preparation and Approval Hearing.  

The Hearing, Court Order, Certified Copies and Updating your ID 

Once EZ has made all your court arrangements, the next step is for you to secure Approval at a Hearing. You’ll want to be prepared and EZ Name Change will be providing you with Checklist information and copies of all the Filed Documents. At all times, EZ personnel is available to answer questions and provide document help so you can appear with confidence. Once a judge Approves, you can get a Certified Copy(s) of that Order Changing Name A Certified Copy of your Court Order, upon Approval, is honored everywhere in Arizona and the United Staes.

We Keep Helping our Customers, Sometimes Even Years After Name Change Approval. 

When your Order Changing Name is signed by the Superior Court judge, upon approval, You can get Certified Copies for Updating your ID: Social Security, Arizona MVD for Real ID, US Secretary of State for Passport, etc.  School, Bank, Payroll, … even Birth Certificates can be updated with the Certified Copy. The EZ Name Change CHECKLIST (for Updating ID and Records) will give you guidance and tips about the updating process. And, if you have Questions while updating your ID, check with us. We don’t stop help just because we already helped you get your Legal Name Change Court Order.

FULL SERVICE Name Change Costs

Itemization of Costs with Full Service

  • $333 – Court Filing 
  • $190 – EZ Name Change FULL SERVICE 
  • $  45 – eXpedite (optional, paid directly to EZ if selected at Checkout)
  • $   10 – Notary (paid directly to Notary)
  • $   31 – Certified Copy(s) (paid directly to Superior Court, upon approval)

Our aim is for you to know exactly what costs to expect BEFORE you begin. Please visit Arizona Name Change Costs  to get a more complete itemization of all the charges. 

(Call (818 505-6189) or email ( for exact costs – we can give you the total when we know  your County and type of Petition)

How and When Are FULL SERVICE Payments Made?

$523 TOTAL (+$45 if eXpedite)

example: Maricopa County

With Full Service, you would pay EZ $115 when you begin and another $408 (or $453 if eXpedite) AFTER you return the signed Application. You would also pay $10 directly to the Notary and $31 directly to the Superior Court for your Certified Copy, upon approval.  

Every other Arizona County costs are less, due to smaller Court Filing Costs. If you have complicating factors, such as being able to Notify a Spouse or other interested persons, Additional costs for Notice, Publishing, Service, etc., may apply. 

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