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Child Name Change in Arizona - Process and Costs Explained

Whether your child is 2 days old or an adult now, or anywhere in between, getting your Child’s Legal Name exactly right is really important. Getting a legal name change for a child is a bit complicated, and it’s not free. But this is one of the most important parts of a child’s identity. Your Child’s happiness might depend, in part, on getting the name right.  We know. 

EZ Name Change does Child Name Change Petitions every day. We know how important this is for growing up, at every age. For school, medical issues, family and friends, and so much more. We know what the court requires by being in daily communication with them. Below, you’ll be able to read the most Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers.  You can find out how the process works, what it costs, how long it takes, what can go wrong and many other details about Legal Name Change for a Child in Arizona.

So, when you’re sure about your Child’s Names, and are comfortable with what to expect, then get started.  This can happen!

One, or both parents can Apply for a Child’s Legal Name Change. Your completed forms and Court Filing must be done correctly for the Superior Court where the Child is living now. Further down on this page you can find Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, about Costs, Time Frames, Courts and Court Forms, etc. Call or email a Specialist at EZ Name Change to get answers to other questions, if you don’t see your answers below. 

Getting your Child’s Name Change is an important part of the growing up years, regardless of your Child’s age now. You need this to be done right, and as quickly as possible. We get it.

Child Name Change Arizona Questions and Answers – FAQs

Legal Name Change, for a Child currently living in Arizona, starts by completing a collection of Court Forms called (collectively) a Petition or an Application for Change of Name for a Minor Child. The starting place for an Adult Child, would be an Application for Change of Name for an Adult.

After completing the Application, it needs to be Filed, and Filing Fees paid, in the correct Courthouse for the County where your Child lives now. Upon acceptance, the Court will set a Hearing date, time and place for Your Child’s  Name Change. If the Court rejects the Filing as incomplete or incorrectly completed, you may need to redo it a time or too to get it accepted. 

Before the Hearing date, you must get Consents, Notices, and/or Publishing done. Notarization, Serving, and/or Publishing Requests may be needed, depenting on your situation. For more details about this (Step 3), you can check out the page on How to Change Names in Arizona.

Usually, if you have everything prepared and processed correctly, the judge approves Your Child’s Name Change at the Hearing. You will need to bring documents with you to the Hearing and should be prepared to answer questions. Your judge will want to know why the Name Change is in your Child’s best interest. For more details about preparing for the Hearing (Step 4), you can check out the page on How to Change Names in Arizona.

Upon Judge Approval, the Legal Name Change will be done. You will still want to Update ID and Official Records with Social Security, School, Passports, MVD (depending on the age of Your Child), Arizona Department of Health Services (birth certificate) and other government and financial entities. They will want to see a Certified Copy of your Court Order Changing Name.  They will also have their own Application, and may require you to show other documents when you ask them to Update Your Child’s Name. 

It takes most people 5- 10 to complete the Online Questionnaire (Start Now). It takes EZ Name Change 1 full day to Confirm your information, complete your Application and get it out to you for signatures.

It usually takes about 8-12 weeks to get your Child’s Name Change Court Order in your hands, upon Approval. It can take longer if your Petition is done wrong or if the court flags Consent, Notification or other complications in your case.

Upon Approval, the Order Changing Name of  Minor is effective immediately. The moment you give the school or social security a Certified Copy of your Decree Changing Name, you can expect them to update Your Child’s Records right then.

It will take just a couple of days to Update your Child’s most important ID and Official Records. Social Security and School will take an hour or less, each. For an Updated Birth Certificate, you can order it within a few minutes, but it will take days or weeks to receive the Updated Certificate. 

For more information about how long everything takes, take a look at How Long For Name Change in Arizona

The sooner you start, the sooner it will all be done.

$523 TOTAL (+$45 if eXpedite) for Child Name Change with Full Service

The above costs are for Maricopa County. Each other Arizona County would be less because each County Court Costs are different. Call or email EZ Name Change, or the Superior Court in your County, to get an exact quote.

If you cannot afford Court Fees or Costs, you can Apply for a Deferral or Waiver of Court Costs. Your Name Change Application must be filed along with an Application for Deferral or Waiver of Court Fees. The court decides whether court fees can be deferred or waived. 

Additional costs will or may apply for Notary, Certified Copy(s), Process Serving, Publishing, and updating some ID and Official Records in some situations. 

For details about how much everything costs, take a look at Arizona Name Change Costs.

Arizona Courts allow you to Apply to have Court Costs and Court Fees Deferred, make Payments or have them Waived altogether. If you cannot afford Court Costs due to documentable financial hardship, this might be a good option for you.  The court makes that decision after reviewing your information and documentation.  The Court requires a properly completed Petition before they will consider Granting a Request to Defer or Waive Court Costs.

With EZ Full Service, we can complete all your Fee Deferral or Waiver Request Forms, without any extra charges, upon your request and with your information. You just need to let us know you want to Apply for Court Fee Waivers. 

Your actual reason is almost certainly a good one.  You just need to write it out and put it in the Petition correctly. The valid reasons for name change are almost unlimited. Just put your reason in plain English and it should be fine.

If you are seeking a name change that will cause harm, loss, injury, confusion or fraud, your judge may not Grant your Petition. Court’s won’t likely allow you to get a name that is intended to mislead, circumvent laws, rights, or court orders, or one that isn’t in your child’s best interests. 

Your Reason for the Application for Name Change of a Minor Child is important. Getting the entire Application and Process done right is more important, for getting Your Child’s Name Changed. 

EZ Name Change has Full Service

Name Change for a Minor Child living anywhere in Arizona now, is processed in the Superior Court of the County where that child is living. There may be more than one Superior Court in your County to choose from.  

Many people think, wrongly, that you need to file a Name Change Petition where the person changing names was born. That’s mostly not true. A Child’s Name Change Petition can always be filed in the county where that child is living now.  If your child was born in California, as of January 2023, you can Petition for Your Child’s Legal Name Change in California. That’s an exception, not the rule.

With an Order Changing the Name of Minor, you will be able to Update your Child’s ID and Official Records in your own County, anywhere else in Arizona or the entire United States.  The Superior Court Order, from Your County, is also honored Worldwide. 

Getting necessary documents together first, will likely save you time and prevent errors, and may even save you some money.You’re going to need different documents required by Your Court and also ones related to your child’s birth, identity and name.

The Court Forms you will need to complete correctly include:

  1. A Civil Case Cover Sheet
  2. An Application For Name Change of a Minor Child
  3. 2 copies of “Order Changing Name for a Minor” 
  4. Notice(s) and/or Consent(s) required
  5. A government issued copy of Your Child’s Birth Certificate or Foreign Passport (if child is foreign born)
  6.  Any Court Orders or Official Records related to parental rights, custody or the child’s name.
  7. Any other document regarding the child’s legal status, such as Naturalization, Adoption, Guardianship

The Child’s New Legal Name is the most important thing you must have before you start. 


Legal Name Change is “free form”. You can Change any part of your Child’s Legal Name, or all of it. 

You can change just one single letter, if that’s what you want to do. Or, you can change just the First Name, or just the Middle Name, or just the Last. Or, you can change the First and Middle, Middle and Last, or all 3 of them. 

So long as you complete all the court forms correctly, and follow the process required, you can ask the court to Grant Your Application to exactly the way you want your Child’s Name to be. A Superior Court judge will always decide whether or not your Application should be Approved, but most almost all properly done Applications, with Consents, are Approved. 

To see how a Arizona Name Change Specialist can help you with Your Child’s Legal Name Change, visit: Full Service Arizona Name Change 

Call us (818 505-6189). We answer Name Change questions all day long on weekdays, and on Saturday mornings too.   

Or, send us an email ( We love to help and probably have the Name Change answers you’re looking for.

Or, you can use our Contact Us form (Contact Us – Arizona) Use this at your convenience and we’ll reply with useful answers, when we’re in the office.

We’re Name Change Specialists. Legal Name Change is all we do, and we’ve been doing it exclusively since 2012. We invented Full Service Name Change and have more 5-Star Reviews than any other name change professional. Bold. We know. But we also know how important Legal Name Change is to the people we help. 

As a Parent, you can Apply to Change Your Child’s Legal Name, with or without the other parent. The process is simpler if both parents are onboard. But 1 Parent can Apply, alone, if that’s your situation.

If you are a “single parent”, you already know that things can be more complicated, and Name Change does have rules and procedures to follow when only one parent is Applying. However, thousands of single parent Applications are Approved every year. Find out what needs to be done and how to do it, then get started when you’re ready. 

Many 1 parent Child Name Change Applications will likely be successful, so long as you follow all the steps correctly:

  1. If the other Parent will sign Consent, regardless of divorce or even hostile relations
  2. If the other parent can be Served Notice
  3. If the other parents can’t be found
  4. If the other parent is deceased, is unknown or there isn’t another parent
  5. If you have a court order authorizing your Child’s Name Change and/or for you to Apply for it alone.

There are other situations allowing 1 Parent to Apply for Your Child’s Legal Name Change. However, if you know the other parent objects to the Name Change, we recommend that you sort that out before starting the Name Change process for Your Child. We suggest you consult with a family law attorney or other legal professional for advice if the other parent has rights and objects.

We’ll provide guidance about documenting Consent, Serving the other parent, Deceased Parent, or Unavailable Parent/Publishing if that’s necessary. 

When EZ Name Change helps in Changing a Child’s Name with Full Service, the Petition is prepared and supported properly. Call us with your details and we can give you additional information to help with your particular situation.

Yes, but it’s rare.

There are several different kinds of reasons why your Application to Change a Child’s Name might be turned down:

  1. If your proposed New Name might cause harm, fraud, damage or public confusion
  2. If your paperwork (Court Forms, required documentation) is incomplete, submitted to the wrong court, or you fail to follow the required process
  3. If there is some issue of criminal history that the court determins to be disqualifying
  4. If the judge believes the proposed Name Change is not in your child’s best interest

2nd Biggest Reason Why It Might Not Get Approved
If 1 parent formally objects.

If parents disagree about the Child’s Name Change, and both parents are actively involved in the child’s life, with full parental rights, if one parent formally objects to the name change it may lead your Name Change judge to refer the issue to a family law judge or Deny Your Application. A judge is always free to deny any Application, for any reason, but particularly if the judge thinks the Name Change wouldn’t be in the child’s best interest.

1st Biggest Reason Why It Might Not Get Approved 

If you never begin: Start Now 

The vast majority of child name change petitions are granted, at lease the one’s we help with are.

You can definitely still Apply, and if you do everything right, chances for success are high.

When 1 parent is out of the picture, it may mean different things:

  1. If there has never been a 2nd parent in the Child’s life
  2. If you can’t find the other parent and haven’t seen or heard from that person in a very long time
  3. If you know where the other parent is, but that person doesn’t care and isn’t involved in the Child’s upbringing
  4. If the other parent is deceased, documentation showing that can be presented at your Hearing.
  5. If the other person is dangerous and/or subject to Court Orders or Incarceration

For each of these situations, and others, you can provide documentation so the judge has the full picture. Depending on your exact situation, you can:

  1. Request to be allowed to give Notice, to a missing parent, by Publication; Upon approval, publish and provide proper Proof of Publication
  2. Obtain Notarized Consent and Waiver of further Notices from the other parent
  3. Serve the other parent with Notice, by Certified Mail or Sheriff
  4. Provide a Death Certificate, Court Order, Adoption or Guardianship Order

If  you just don’t want to involve the other parent, that’s likely to be a problem. The Name Change process is built to allow a judge to review everything relevant to a Child’s Name Change, including about both parents. When a 2nd parent truly isn’t involved, then you just need to document your situation properly and follow all the other Steps and Requirements to complete the process. Your Child’s Name is an important part of life. The effort is worth it. 

EZ Name Change does Child Name Change, for 1 or 2 parents, everyday. We will be happy to take you through with Full Service .

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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