Name Change

Name Change can be life changing. Once you know the exact right New Legal Name, get everything done properly and have it working for you as soon as possible. Find the information and help for your kind of Name Changing below. Smiling is allowed:)

We Are California Name Change Specialists
This is Important. It's Personal. We Get It.

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Name Change

Name Change can be life changing. Once you know the exact right New Legal Name, get everything done properly and have it working for you as soon as possible. Find the information and help for your kind of Name Changing below. Smiling is allowed:)

We Are California Name Change Specialists
This is Important. It's Personal. We Get It.

Name Change Information and Help

How Does Name Change Work ?

Real ID – Name Identification in California, Effective in 2020 and Beyond

Real ID Name Identification is shorthand, meaning a new kind of security clearance for regular people. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to Fly, buy firearms and ammunition, or go into a secure federal facility after October 1, 2020. When you do have Real ID Name Identification, you’ll have that kind of security clearance that let’s you move around the United States quickly and efficiently, and feel more secure knowing less reliable people aren’t where you are.

How to Legally Change a Child’s Last Name in California

Everything You Need to Know about How to Legally Change Your Child’s Last Name in California. First, you need to know that you can do this. You can. To change your child’s last name, or the first or middle names (or all of them at the same time) learn what you need to do, below.…

Name Change In California, During the Time of Coronavirus COVID-19

As of today, we are aware of no changes in the normal steps to start and prepare for a legal name change Hearing in any of the courts. Some counties and some functions have been stopped to address concerns about safety related to group or public contact. Eventually that may, or may not, result in a delay of the process to complete Granting your Petition in those affected counties.

What Does EZ Name Change Do?

EZ Name Change is a true California Name Change Specialist. Legal Name Change is all we do. No one else has 5-Star Reviews for Name Change. No other Name Change Service charges less or offers Full Service.

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Full Service

We take care of all the court forms and process. All the court forms are completed correctly for you. We’ll do the court Filing and all the required Advertising (Publishing). EZ will get Proof of Publication to your judge and make an appointment for your approval Hearing. Full Service makes this whole experience truly 5-Star.

Ready-To-File Name Change Service

How Long Does it Take?

How long does it take to change your name in California? There are 3 parts of the process. Each part has its own amount of time to complete. Read this short article and you’ll know the whole thing works. You’ll also know what kind of time each part can take.

EZ Name Change Customer Service

REAL Customer Service

From before you start to the day you’re holding your Decree Changing Name, you’ll have a California Specialist to help you by phone or email. You’ll have real time assistance any time you have a question or concern. This is why we’re the only 5-Star Rated Name Change Service.

Name Change Specialists - eznamechange

Name Change Specialists

Changing Names for people is all we do. We don’t do Wills, or Divorces or Corporations. Just this. We only do Legal Name Changing for people with a California residence. And this is what we do all day long. Every day.  If you live in California and want your Name Legally Changed, we’re the Specialists to help.  It’s a First Class experience with the cost of coach.

We Do What We Promise = More Happy People

EZ Name Change has been helping people Change Names for many years. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are saying.

  •   I had wanted to change my name for decades, and when I looked up how to do it, the process seemed overwhelming and totally confusing. I randomly found this company on someone's blog and I figured I'd call. I'm so happy I did because the process was far easier than I could have imagined. Eric is so kind and knowledgeable and I felt understood and taken care of. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to change their name and has no idea how to navigate all that paperwork.

    thumb Jessica A.

      I didn't know where to begin the process so I googled name change and EZ Name Change came up with excellent reviews from satisfied customers from everywhere.  I am now one of the very satisfied customers.  Eric is very professional, and 100% responsive to every questions.  His response time is very quick.  I used the full service and it is worth every penny.  You get very detailed instructions on what to do, and what to expect, step by step and all the paperwork is filed for you, as well as the required advertisement.  All I had to do was show up to court.  EZ Name Change will take care of all your needs so you don't have to go through all the confusion and hassle when dealing with court documents and procedures.   Worth every penny, money well spent.  As a bonus, Eric is very friendly, and pleasant to work with.  This is a wife and husband team, and they are excellent.  Great customer service and very knowledgeable in what they do.  You won't regret it.

    thumb Sunmi C.

      Eric is absolutely phenomenal! Made our child's name change process easy and understandable! We did not even know where to begin before getting in touch with Eric. Making the call to him was the best thing we could've done as he took care of everything! I wish there were more than five stars to give! He's the best!

    thumb Christopher K.

      Thank you Eric !! Can i give 10 stars to your service/ company ?

    I was postponing this for years !! If i know your company exists i would have done this long time back !!!!

    In fact i did employ legal zoom long time back and they sent me bunch of filled docs but never got opportunity to submit to court. Yours is a white glove service which i never imagined exists !

    Super smooth, super professional - Do not even blink before hiring them for your name change or any other service they provide !!

    thumb Ramakrishna K.
  •   I've been wanting To get my name changed. To what I've been going by for the last 50 years. That did not match my birth certificate. I guess the whole process just was intimidating to me. A friend recommended this company And man, I tell you. The whole process put my mind at ease. Wonderful Service all the way around. From beginning to end Very easy to contact answered all of my questions. And was there all through the process Thanks again. EZ name change

    thumb Manuel J.

      There's a reason why this a 5 star company. Last year I decided to make some changes to my name. I had no idea where to begin with the process.

    I went on Yelp and found EZ Name Change and read nothing but great reviews.

    I immediately sent a message asking information on the name change  process.

    Eric replied it's definitely something he can help me out with. He sent me an email with very detail instructions.
    All our communication was through email.

    Eric handled everything! The ONLY THING I had to do was sign the forms , mail them back and attend court.
    It was so quick and easy.

    Thanks Eric for making this so easy for me. I would definitely recommend this company.

    thumb Amanda R.

      Superstars! Amazing service very reasonable and wonderful couple doing the right thing for everyone for the past 30+ years!  Highly recommended

    thumb Jim Y.

      This experience was even better than I expected after reading these great reviews!... Eric walked me through everything, even responded to emails and phone calls the same day! Definitely do yourself a favor and go with the full service package: they handled EVERYTHING perfectly, and all I had to do was show up to court and get my Official Decree Changing Name!!!!!

    thumb Ben D.