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Name Change can be life changing. Once you know the exact right New Legal Name, get everything done properly and have it working for you as soon as possible. Find the information and help for your kind of Name Changing below. Smiling is allowed:)

We Are California Name Change Specialists
This is Important. It's Personal. We Get It.

Name Change Information and Help

How Does Name Change Work ?

What Does EZ Name Change Do?

EZ Name Change is a true California Name Change Specialist. Legal Name Change is all we do. No one else has 5-Star Reviews for Name Change. No other Name Change Service charges less or offers Full Service.

Full Service Name Change

Full Service

We take care of all the court forms and process. All the court forms are completed correctly for you. We’ll do the court Filing and all the required Advertising (Publishing). EZ will get Proof of Publication to your judge and make an appointment for your approval Hearing. Full Service makes this whole experience truly 5-Star.

Ready-To-File Name Change Service

Ready-To-File Service

All the court forms are completed correctly and completely for you. You’ll also receive Customized, Step-By-Step Instructions. We’ll put little “stickies” where you need to date and sign.  You’ll do your own court filing and advertising with our instructions. Specialist Customer Service will be available to you until you’re done.

EZ Name Change Customer Service

REAL Customer Service

From before you start to the day you’re holding your Decree Changing Name, you’ll have a California Specialist to help you by phone or email. You’ll have real time assistance any time you have a question or concern. This is why we’re the only 5-Star Rated Name Change Service.

Name Change Specialists

Name Change Specialists

Changing Names for people is all we do. We don’t do Wills, or Divorces or Corporations. Just this. We only do Legal Name Changing for people with a California residence. And this is what we do all day long. Every day.  If you live in California and want your Name Legally Changed, we’re the Specialists to help.  It’s a First Class experience with the cost of coach.

We Do What We Promise = More Happy People

EZ Name Change has been helping people Change Names for many years. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are saying.

  •   eric is the best ,the name ez name change says it all!  he explained the whole process from the beginning and answered all my questions. its worth paying the money for the ease of knowing its getting done correctly, courts are strict and picky and any little error on forms can get your forms  delayed or denied and not to mention make you stressed! my whole life i struggled with a long hispanic name and list of name problems not to mention ,now my name is simple and short! thanks again eric! 🙂

    thumb Tee M.

      EZ name change could be called SUPER EZ name change.

    Friendly, professional and most of all extremely affordable and simple.

    I am very impressed with their level of attention to detail, level of friendly service and execution.

    Thank you Eric and EZ TEAM!!

    thumb Kai W.

      Eric is very professional and know the know how. He is helpful, clear, and communicate in time.  When I went to the hearing, I saw another three people were holding Eric company's folder and we all went in and out quickly. Others who were trying to do themselves came in earlier than I did and still stayed there waiting when I left.

    thumb Julie K.

      I don't often write reviews but this one is well deserved.

    Eric Selton and his team were so on top of everything, they respond immediately to any and all questions or things I needed. They quickly resolved a little issue that came up during the process and made the entire thing extremely easy . I didn't need to lift a finger till it came down to my hearing.

    Their prices are very fair, their service is amazing and professional, they're fast and efficient...what else can I say? Thank you Eric for a smooth and seedless name change - a pivotal moment in history and in my life and my sons life. Will always recommend you to friends and fam.

    thumb Joseph A.
  •   EZ name change service was truly professional and extremely knowledgeable. They made the whole process look so simple and effortless. Specially Eric Selten was so prompt and over the top of everything. Many thanks to EZ name change and Eric. I would recommend everyone to EZ name change for there name change needs!!!

    thumb Rahul R.

      I have just completed a name change which was necessary to correct the proper spelling of my name.
    EZ name change service lives up to its name. Eric Selten is a professional who is extremely knowledgable of the process in several counties and effortlessly and efficiently navigates you through the process to its smooth completion.
    The price is as economical as he can make it.
    Trust him and free your mind!

    thumb Cw W.

      Look no further and hire Ez Name Change, Eric and Barbara are the best and make everything feel EZ.

    I hired Ez Name Change to help me with the process of changing my sons last name. I had researched how to file on my own but with so much required paperwork that had to be filled out I decided to look for someone who would do it for me.
    Luckily for me I found this company, I spoke with Eric , he gave me a quote and he informed me of the whole process . From the beginning Eric was very professional and courteous, If I had any questions and Eric was unable to answer my emails his wife Barbara would promptly reply with an answer.

    The whole process felt very quick, they took care of everything! I didn't have to worry about anything except showing up to court. I am very happy that I hired them ,everything worked out great with their help.
    I highly recommend hiring them, excellent customer service, you won't regret it.

    Eric and Barbara thank you for all your help!

    thumb Erika D.

      EZ Name Change is the company to go with if you want a worry-free, stress-free process.  Eric and Barbara were very professional, showed you every step thoroughly and answered all questions promptly with the utmost courtesy. I chose the full service and it is worth every penny spent. Thanks Eric and Barbara! You guys are the Best!

    thumb True Review S.