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Name Change can be life changing. Once you know the exact right New Legal Name, get everything done properly and have it working for you as soon as possible. Find the information and help for your kind of Name Changing below. Smiling is allowed:)

We Are California Name Change Specialists
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Name Change Information and Help

How Does Name Change Work ?

What Does EZ Name Change Do?

EZ Name Change is a true California Name Change Specialist. Legal Name Change is all we do. No one else has 5-Star Reviews for Name Change. No other Name Change Service charges less or offers Full Service.

Full Service Name Change

Full Service

We take care of all the court forms and process. All the court forms are completed correctly for you. We’ll do the court Filing and all the required Advertising (Publishing). EZ will get Proof of Publication to your judge and make an appointment for your approval Hearing. Full Service makes this whole experience truly 5-Star.

Ready-To-File Name Change Service

Ready-To-File Service

All the court forms are completed correctly and completely for you. You’ll also receive Customized, Step-By-Step Instructions. We’ll put little “stickies” where you need to date and sign.  You’ll do your own court filing and advertising with our instructions. Specialist Customer Service will be available to you until you’re done.

EZ Name Change Customer Service

REAL Customer Service

From before you start to the day you’re holding your Decree Changing Name, you’ll have a California Specialist to help you by phone or email. You’ll have real time assistance any time you have a question or concern. This is why we’re the only 5-Star Rated Name Change Service.

Name Change Specialists

Name Change Specialists

Changing Names for people is all we do. We don’t do Wills, or Divorces or Corporations. Just this. We only do Legal Name Changing for people with a California residence. And this is what we do all day long. Every day.  If you live in California and want your Name Legally Changed, we’re the Specialists to help.  It’s a First Class experience with the cost of coach.

We Do What We Promise = More Happy People

EZ Name Change has been helping people Change Names for many years. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are saying.

  •   Eric is awesome. If I had to figure out all the forms, I'd never get this done, but he helped me every step of the way, and was actually the first person I told once I left court. It's not expensive, and well worth the money so you're not going crazy figuring out the complex forms. He answered all my questions, and we got it done. Thank you, Eric !!!

    thumb Angela M.

      I started the process of changing my son's name in  Jan 2018, I met with Eric at the Hollywood location he explained how the process worked and the steps I would need to take. Took approximately 2 months and I'm happy to say that everything went accordingly! I would definitely recommend their services to all my friends and family. Definitely stress free.

    thumb Thelma A.

      I wanted to change my first name and I didn't have a lot of time to learn all the steps and figure out the forms by myself.  I'm so pleased I found EZ Name Change.  Eric walked me through the whole process and answered all my questions quickly and patiently.  He got me a convenient court date and made sure all the forms and the publishing were completed correctly.  I went to court and got my name change as desired!  Eric even provided a sequence of steps to follow after the court date to get my ID and accounts changed without hassles.  I highly recommend EZ Name Change!  Thank you, Eric.

    thumb Leila B.

      WOW!! 10-10 Fabulous Service!
    I contacted EZ name change services to get services for changing my last name. They were so diligent, quick, and very responsive to all my emails and calls. I received the entire package of my name change. Guess what I liked: It was all sealed, everything was ready for me to JUST sign, and put it in the mail box for them to process. They also sent me this folder which I thought was so great. It protected and holds all my originals. Guess what I still have it like new and its so handy for me. I highly recommend EZ name change for all of you out there. And Thank you Eric for all your help and support. Now I have my NEW name and because of you 2018 started with my new name and am able to do change it on all records at the beginning. So BIG Thank you!!

    thumb Neeta K.
  •   Eric helped me with my name change. It was an excellent experience and very smooth one. He did what he suppose to do and more. I highly recommend him (EZ Name Change) for everyone who looking for a name change.

    thumb Ali C.

      The process of name changing can be cumbersome, and even daunting, considering all the paperwork and filing involved.  But with the help of Eric and his team at EZ Name Change, it was a seamless process and exactly as described on the website.  From start to end, Eric was quick to reply to any questions I had. And now the process is complete! I'm so glad I found EZ Name Change. Very highly recommended!

    thumb kimmy d.

      Very helpful. Worth the money.
    The process with the court is not easy, but EZ name change made it go smooth as possible. Always available for questions and took care of all the ins and outs.  Highly recommend!

    thumb Elizabeth W.

      Eric made the process of changing my name so effortless. I had been wanting to change my name back to my biological name for so long, and I'm glad I found his services. He made everything effortless, and he was also able to provide me with what I needed to waive my court fees. I have referred him to the rest of my siblings and will to others looking to change their name. He was always responsive when I needed documents proving my new name and very nice. I would definitely go by him if I were you!

    thumb Jordyn R.