Name Change

Name Change can be life changing. Once you know the exact right New Legal Name, get everything done properly and have it working for you as soon as possible. Find the information and help for your kind of Name Changing below. Smiling is allowed:)

We Are California Name Change Specialists
This is Important. It's Personal. We Get It.

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Name Change

Name Change can be life changing. Once you know the exact right New Legal Name, get everything done properly and have it working for you as soon as possible. Find the information and help for your kind of Name Changing below. Smiling is allowed:)

We Are California Name Change Specialists
This is Important. It's Personal. We Get It.

Name Change Information and Help

How Does Name Change Work ?

Real ID – Name Identification in California, Effective in 2020 and Beyond

Real ID Name Identification is shorthand, meaning a new kind of security clearance for regular people. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to Fly, buy firearms and ammunition, or go into a secure federal facility after October 1, 2020. When you do have Real ID Name Identification, you’ll have that kind of security clearance that let’s you move around the United States quickly and efficiently, and feel more secure knowing less reliable people aren’t where you are.

Changing A Child’s Last Name In California

How To Change Your Child’s Last Name In California First, you need to know that you can do this. You can. To change your child’s last name, or the first or middle names (or all of them at the same time) learn what you need to do, below. Then take the first step, then the…

Name Change In California, During the Time of Coronavirus COVID-19

As of today, we are aware of no changes in the normal steps to start and prepare for a legal name change Hearing in any of the courts. Some counties and some functions have been stopped to address concerns about safety related to group or public contact. Eventually that may, or may not, result in a delay of the process to complete Granting your Petition in those affected counties.

What Does EZ Name Change Do?

EZ Name Change is a true California Name Change Specialist. Legal Name Change is all we do. No one else has 5-Star Reviews for Name Change. No other Name Change Service charges less or offers Full Service.

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Full Service

We take care of all the court forms and process. All the court forms are completed correctly for you. We’ll do the court Filing and all the required Advertising (Publishing). EZ will get Proof of Publication to your judge and make an appointment for your approval Hearing. Full Service makes this whole experience truly 5-Star.

Ready-To-File Name Change Service

How Long Does it Take?

How long does it take to change your name in California? There are 3 parts of the process. Each part has its own amount of time to complete. Read this short article and you’ll know the whole thing works. You’ll also know what kind of time each part can take.

EZ Name Change Customer Service

REAL Customer Service

From before you start to the day you’re holding your Decree Changing Name, you’ll have a California Specialist to help you by phone or email. You’ll have real time assistance any time you have a question or concern. This is why we’re the only 5-Star Rated Name Change Service.

Name Change Specialists - eznamechange

Name Change Specialists

Changing Names for people is all we do. We don’t do Wills, or Divorces or Corporations. Just this. We only do Legal Name Changing for people with a California residence. And this is what we do all day long. Every day.  If you live in California and want your Name Legally Changed, we’re the Specialists to help.  It’s a First Class experience with the cost of coach.

We Do What We Promise = More Happy People

EZ Name Change has been helping people Change Names for many years. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are saying.

  •   I'm so glad I decided to work with EZ Name Change! From the very first e-mail, Eric was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He outlined the process in easy steps. I received great packet of information in the mail as hardcopies too. I appreciated the way he kept me up to date on my case every step of the way. I even received a link to my court case so I could check on the progress myself.
    For something as important as changing your name, I highly recommend EZ Name Change. And he sent me an e-mail today congratulating me about the court's decision. I'm delighted.

    thumb Nancy S.

      This is the best place to get a name change done. It was very fast service and they were on top of everything. I was updated through email during covid and it was a pleasant experience through it all. No headaches. You get more than enough of your money's worth. 10/10 from me. Happy customer here! Thank you Eric and everyone that works here!

    thumb Junior O.

      After Eric's help from EZ Name Change, I am easily survived from those complicated documents and process requests. It is also glad to have the company helped me successfully achieved my son's name change step by step. EZ Name Change means easy and efficient to me!

    thumb Joe Z.

      Although I didn't know what I was doing, working with Eric Selten made it simple--step by step. Even during a pandemic his simple process went forward to completion-all after a phone call and a simple on line application. He did all the footwork and all I had to do is show up to court. Thank you EZ name change!

    thumb Sally O.
  •   I am finally getting around to changing my name, 2 years after marriage. I  was looking into those online kits that claim to make it easier for you by providing a complete name changing kit to your front door, complete with: Auto-Filled Applications, Online Document Access, Step-By-Step Instructions, Name Change Support, Printed Checklist and Applications with Pre-Paid Mailing Envelopes.  After reading the real online reviews, many said these services were a waste of money, as a.) the forms weren't the correct ones b.) the pre-paid postage wasn't enough and c.) you still have to go to the DMV and banks in person anyway.

    Fast forward to me stumbling across the stellar 5 star reviews for Eric and EZ Name Change. I  called Eric, and he was so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly, despite telling me upfront that I didn't need their services because I  already have my marriage license with my maiden name and proposed legal name.  Needless to say, even though it was established that I  wouldn't be a paying customer, Eric still spent 5 minutes on the phone with me offering very helpful advice and answering specific questions about my situation. What incredible customer service, and just all around good human decency...which is kind of rare to come across these days when there is no transactional opportunity at hand.

    I'd recommend Eric on this basis alone!

    thumb SanFran F.

      Eric was great. Name change went smooth and the prices was simple. The only thing was waiting 4 months but that was on the court system. I highly recommend EZ Name Change if you want this whole process to be as seamless as possible. Thanks Eric!

    thumb Daniel K.

      Eric was phenomenal. I honestly was going to try to do it myself, but after seeing the forms, and knowing there would be fees for doing them incorrectly, not to mention the possible time delays, I decided to proceed with a professional. I'm so happy I made this decision. Eric was cost effective, time effective, responded promptly to all of my inquiries, and was a delight to work with. I highly recommend him!

    thumb Ashly N.

      I literally did nothing. Name change was fast, simple, RELIABLE. Cannot thank Eric enough.

    thumb Jesse P.