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FULL SERVICE Name Change Service California – Costs and Details


EZ Name Change means Full Service. And, FULL SERVICE Name Change means we do all the court forms correctly, and we do the court filing and newspaper publishing for you. It’s strictly 5-Star, it’s low-cost, and a little bit fun:) You don’t fill out any court forms. You don’t wait in filing or self-help lines. And, you don’t have to try and figure out how to do the required advertising correctly. We’ll make all the arrangements for you, including an appointment for your Hearing/Completion. Then, you just go to your Appointment to get your Court Order, upon approval, at the end of the process. That’s what FULL SERVICE means with EZ Name Change. Here are the details:

FULL SERVICE Name Change Service Includes:

1. We fill out all the documents for you – Petition for Change of Name for your correct Superior Court.
5 to 15 Court Forms, depending on your circumstances, are properly and correctly completed for your particular type of Name Change, and for the right court. You’ll need to sign some of the documents and we’ll provide that guidance for you.
2. We File the Petition at the Court
We submit your signed and completed documents to the correct court. We pay the court filing fees and supply the documents in the way required by the court. We get your Hearing/Completion date, time and place, and get court-stamped copies for your records.
3. We Arrange the Required Newspaper Advertising
We do all the order arrangements, and pay for your required publishing. We also take care of getting Proof of Publication to the judge in proper format as required by the court to complete your process successfully.
4. You get a Full REPORT
Once we have your Court Filing , Advertising and Hearing Date all set, we’ll send you a complete REPORT, providing you with all the dates, times, places and other details of what we have arranged for you, with link access to monitor your Case File. Your REPORT will also provide you copies of all filed documents and publishing dates. EZ Name Change remains available to you for information and document assistance until you get your Decree, upon approval, and beyond.
5. Updating ID and Official Records
We will be providing you a CHECKLIST and Guidance to help you change your ID and Official Records once you have your Court Order, Decree Changing Name. It’s easier than you think, once you have your Certified Copy(s) in your hands.

What You Will Need To Do, with EZ Full Service

  1. Give us your information and make payments as agreed. Pay attention to our emails and keep us informed.
  2. Attend Your brief completion Hearing (if required) and get Certified Copy(s) of Your Decree Changing Name from the court, upon approval (usually at or right after Hearing date)
  3. If only one parent is Petitioning for a child, then you may need to Serve a non-consenting parent OR provide a Declaration with EZ guidance/assistance.
  4. Update your ID and/or Official Records as needed after you have your Certified Copy(s) of your Name Change Decree. This is easier than you may think after you have your Certified Copy(s), and it’s even fun when you have the name printed out, officially and exactly the way you want.

FULL SERVICE Name Change provides you assistance ALL the way

You Will Get Your Decree and Certified Copy(s) From the Court, upon Approval.

For 98% of our Full Service customers, the approval court work is done before you get to your court Hearing. Go to the Hearing, if required, and get your Court Order – Decree Changing Name. Upon approval by your judge, you can get as many Certified Copies of the Decree as you want from the same Courthouse. The Certified Decree Changing Name is the Gold Standard Name Change Court Order and is Honored everywhere in the United States, including every individual State and all US Federal documentations. It’s also honored with other governments, elsewhere throughout the world. Our Customer Service remains available to you through the Hearing and beyond.

**EZ NAME CHANGE Does All This For You, With FULL SERVICE Name Change.

The Decree Changing Name is a document we prepare, as part of your Petition. Upon approval by your judge, that becomes your Court Order. The court clerk adds the Court’s Seal and the clerk’s signature to make your Certified Copy(s) right after approval. A Certified Copy is valid immediately to get: Social Security, Passport, DMV (including Real ID), School, Bank, Payroll, … even Birth Certificate Name Change updates on those IDs and Official Records.

FULL SERVICE Name Change Costs – $715

Itemization of Costs

  • Includes Court Filing – $ 435-465 – Depending on your court (We will prepare, without additional charges, a request that your court costs be waived if you can’t afford them. Ask us for the application)
  • Includes Newspaper Announcement – $ 90-150 – (usual cost in many counties, some counties have much higher newspaper costs
  • Includes EZ FULL SERVICE – $ 190 (This is the amount you will pay extra for us to help you, over what you would pay yourself without us)

Total $ 715  (actual may vary for your county)


Additional Costs

Certified Copy of Name Change Decree $ 40.50ea (you pay this to the court when you get your Name Change Approval. We recommend getting 2 of them).

EZ Name Change assists with Fee Waiver Requests which, if approved by the court for low income situations, can eliminate Court Filing and Certified Copy charges

eXpedite (optional at checkout): +$45

EZ Name Change can help you save 2-3 weeks, by putting you at the front of the line inside EZ Name Change and eliminating mail time. To opt in for eXpedite, you have to choose it just before you pay the initial $115 and submit your Questionnaire info. To make use of this feature, you must be able to receive documents from us by email attachment (pdf files) and send them back (signed with ink) also in pdf files. 

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