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FULL SERVICE Name Change Georgia – Costs and Service Details


EZ Name Change means FULL SERVICE Name Change. And, FULL SERVICE Name Change means we do all the court forms correctly, we do the court filing and newspaper publishing for you. It’s strictly 5-Star, low-cost, and a little bit fun:) You don’t fill out any court forms. You don’t search for documents or instructions. And, you don’t have to try and figure out how to do everything correctly and in the right order. We’ll prepare all the documents and give you guidance about signing, returning everything for filing, and completing the process for you to get your Court Order, upon approval. We keep you informed as things are getting done, and a real Specialist Customer Service is available by phone or email when you have questions. That’s what FULL SERVICE means. It means EZ Name Change. Here are the details:

FULL SERVICE Name Change Service Includes:

1. Completing all your court documents for signatures – Petition to Change Name for your correct Superior Court.

Between 4 and 10 Court Form pages will be properly and quickly completed for your particular type of Name Change, and for the right court. You’ll need to sign/notarize 1 or more of the documents and we’ll provide that guidance for you.

2. We File the Petition at the Court

When we get your signed  Petition back, we’ll do the court filing and pay them in full. We’ll make sure all the correct documents get set up in your court file, establish the filing date and get your Case Number as is necessary to establish your required Advertising.

3. We Place the Required Ads and Proof of Publication

After your Petition is filed, we will get your Advertising ordered and paid for. When the Ads have finished, we’ll get the Proof of it to you or your judge (depending on the court current procedures). We prompt the request for your Approval Hearing and check that you and the court has everything needed for a decision at the Hearing.

4. You get a Full REPORT

After your Court, Advertising and Hearing arrangements are all set, we’ll email you a thorough REPORT, providing you with an organized, written report showing all the times, places and other details of what has been arranged for you. Your REPORT will also provide you copies of all filed documents and a record of the publishing dates. EZ Name Change will remain available to you, for information and document assistance, until you get your Decree, upon approval … and beyond.

5. Updating ID and Official Records

EZ Name Change has a CHECKLIST and Guidance to help you update your ID and Official Records once you have your Final Order Changing Name. Updating ID is easier than you may think. The hard part is gettingthe Certified Copy(s) of your Name Change Court Order in your hands. Getting your Name printed on your ID in exactly the way you want….that’s fun to see when it’s done:)

What You Will Need To Do, with EZ Full Service

  1. Give us your information (Name Change Questionnaire).
  2. Make the payments (Name Change Georgia Cost).
  3. Get your fully signed Petition documents back to us.
  4. Attend Your brief completion Hearing (if required) and do what’s requested of you by your judge (if anything).
  5. Get your Certified Copy(s), upon approval, and update your ID.

FULL SERVICE Name Change provides you assistance ALL the way

EZ Support to Get the Name Change Hearing, Preparation and Decision

With EZ Full Service, the documents we prepare and file for you are the focus of what the court reviews and decides at your Hearing. The Hearing arrangements are like an appointment. You’ll get a special date, time, Courtroom and Judge. Your filed Petition will be there and, usually, the Judge can decide your Petition at that Hearing. A few days after Approval, you’ll receive Your signed Final Order Changing Name. With that Final Order, you can get as many Certified Copies of the Decree as you want from the same Courthouse.

The Certified Copies, Updating your ID the EZ Full Service CHECKLIST

A Certified Final Order Changing Name is the Gold Standard of Name Change Court Order documents. That Certified Copy is Honored everywhere in the United States, including every individual States, and all US Federal Agencies. It’s also honored with other governments, elsewhere throughout the world. EZ Name Change Customer Service remains available to you through the Hearing and ID updating period, and beyond that.

EZ Name Change prepares and submits your proposed Final Order Changing Name of Adultas part of your Petition documentation. Upon approval by your judge, that Final Order becomes your Court Order. When the court clerk adds the Clerk’s Certification that it’s a true copy of the Original and adds the Court’s Seal and clerk’s signature, you have your Certified Copy(s). It’s an Official Document and looks like one. A Certified Copy is valid immediately to get your Name Corrected: Social Security, Passport, DDS (including Real ID), School, Bank, Payroll, … even Birth Certificate Name Change updates on those IDs and Official Records.

FULL SERVICE Name Change Costs – $467

Itemization of Costs with Full Service

  • $ 214 for Court Filing (Fulton County example) – Depending on your court (maybe as little as $204). We will prepare, without additional charges, a request that your court filing costs be waived if you can’t afford them. (Ask us for the application)
  • $ 8 for a Notary: – Depending on your preference and location (can be free or as much as $100 for one to come to you)
  • $ 45 for Newspaper Notice and Affidavit (Fulton County example) – Depending on your County (maybe as much as $105)
  • $ 190 for EZ Name Change FULL SERVICE – (This is the amount you will charge for Full Service)
  • $ 10 for Certified Copies – Depending on your County (Costs range between $1 and $3 for each Certified Copy)

Total $ 467

How and When Are Payments Made?

When you want to get started, complete the short Questionnaire and pay $115 for Full Service. Then we’ll prepare all the documents for your signatures and return to us for filing. When we have the fully signed Petition back, we’ll email you to pay the balance of $334 (Fulton County example). You pay the Notary ($8) and Certified Copy ($10) charges directly when they happen. The total is $467 for Full Service.

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We take privacy very seriously. Our Privacy Policy is published and available for you to review anytime through our website link found at the bottom of every website page. We don’t ask for or allow access to your information, for any reason, except for our use to prepare your required court documents. We destroy your information after it’s no longer needed to support your Name Change Petition process. We maintain a high-security website badge and use encrypted data transfer systems. Your privacy questions are welcome.

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