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Adult Name Change - Georgia 18+ Years Old & Living in Georgia Now

Adult Name Change in Georgia  can definitely happen. As long as you do everything right through the Superior Court System, and upon approval, you can get a Court Order establishing Your Name for every legal purpose. One of the requirements is that you live in Georgia now. You also need to use the correct documents and follow the right process. Since we specialize in Legal Name Change, with many thousands done successfully, we know how to put it all together correctly for you.  Every Adult Name Change is very important and deeply personal, so we pay a lot of attention to Your success. 

Some Adult Name Changes in Georgia are to straighten out name variations on ID. You might have one version of Your Name on your Social Security Card and a different one on your Driver’s License or Passport. Another situation for Name Change is when you want to get a name exactly the way you want it, after marriage or divorce. Still another kind is to get Your Legal Name to be the one you are been using in real life, but it’s not the one on your birth certificate. Some people want to get rid of a name that has bad associations,  or maybe add a name to honor someone important in your life.

There is no end to the kinds of reasons why people want to get a Legal Name Change. We’ve helped with most every situation you can imagine.

Some of the types of Adult Name Change in Georgia we’ve helped accomplish are to straighten out ID variations. Others are to get a name exactly right after marriage or divorce. Many people have us help them get the name they always wanted and may have been using already. Still others want to get rid of a name with bad associations or to honor someone important. There is no end to the kinds of reasons why people want to get a legal name change. We’ve helped with them all.

Get the information you want. When you’re comfortable, start your legal name change. You know when the best time to start your Name Change is?  Long ago, when you first thought about it. The second best time is right now. You really can start enjoying your Legal Name as exactly the one you want it to be.

We’re Name Change Specialists. If you start this with us, we will help you make it happen.

Adult Name Change in Georgia Information & Help

Legal Name Change is generally understood to be a process using the court, or another official agency, to authorize the use of a name that is not the name on your birth certificate. A Name Change Petition case can be filed in Superior Court. And, in Georgia, an Adult would get a Name Change Document, called a Final Order Changing Name, upon approval.

To get a Name Change Court Order, a lot of steps have to get done correctly: Prepare and file a Petition; Run Advertising as required for 4 consecutive weeks, Attend a Hearing; Get Certified Copies, upon approval. scheduled. 

Your Certified Copy(s) of the Final Order Changing Name is effective immediately and never needs to be renewed. With that, you can prove your Legal Name and start updating your ID and Official Records anywhere and everywhere. Here’s a page to learn more: How to Name Change in Georgia.

It takes just 5 minutes to complete our Questionnaire. We take 1 business day to review your information, Confirm with you by email, and complete your Petition, customized to Your Court’s local specifications and your particular type of Legal Name Change. It about 60-90 days, total, to get your Final Order Changing Name of Adult. That’s counting from the day you begin until the day you have your Court Order, upon approval. Time frames can vary a little, depending on the court’s scheduling and yours. Scheduling Your Hearing and decision can be delayed, or even rejected eventually, if your paperwork is incomplete or inaccurate. You can get your Certified Final Order Changing Name a few days after approval. With that, you can start updating your ID and Official Records. This will take between 1 or 2 days and as much as 2 months or more, depending on how many you have to do, and how much time you put into  it. More information about How Long it Takes to Change Your Name in Georgia

$584 Total (approx) includes EZ Full Service, Superior Court, Newspaper, Notary  and Certified Copy(s). 

All around the State, Court, Advertising, Certified Copy and Notary costs vary, County to County. 

Court filing fees, included in the Total (above) are the biggest part of the total costs, $204-$290 depending on the county where you live now. Court Costs can be waived if you can’t afford to pay the Court fees (ask us about a Pauper’s Affidavit if you think you may qualify).

$190 for Full Service, included in the Total (above) is fixed, regardless of the County. Only $115 of that amount is paid when you start. The rest ($75) is invoiced for Full Service with your Superior Court and Newspaper charges after you return the signed Petition.

Required Advertising $45 – $200  The prices are charged by private newspapers that are authorized Legal Notice Publishers in the County.  $165 is a typical newspaper cost and is included in the Total above.

Notary $8 (can be free, or much higher depending, on the Notary service you choose).

Certified Copies $10. You get these from the court, at $1-$3 each. At $2.50 per Certified Copy, $10 is for 4.

Whenever you might choose to start, you’ll need 5 minutes to compete the Questionnaire, and pay  $115 of the Total, with any credit or debit card. You will be asked to pay the rest after you return the signed Petition.

Each Court can review your finances and waive their Court Costs (Filing and Certified Copies) if you can’t afford them. If you have that situation, documentation of your financial condition must be prepared and submitted with your Petition for Name Change. The court makes the Fee Waiver decision.  You can get all the Forms needed to submit a fee waiver request from the court, online or from a Superior Court location. If you are having EZ Name Change help you, we will ask you questions and, with your responses, we will complete all those documents for you to review and sign with your Petition. To request our help with your request to have court fees waived, let us know you want to apply for a Court Fees and Costs Waiver right after you complete our Questionnaire. We’ll be happy to help you with that.
Everyone has a reason why they want to have their Legal Name Changed or Authenticated. Your Name is possibly the most important part of your individual identity, so a Legal Change is something you do on purpose and for a good reason. In Illinois, you won’t be required to provide a Reason for Name Change when completing the required Petition Court Forms. The EZ Questionnaire will ask you a lot of questions so we can complete your Forms correctly, but your Reason isn’t one of the questions we ask either. For Adult Name Change, here are the Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Name. Illinois does not Grant Name Change Requests if you have been convicted of certain unpardoned crimes, such as ID Theft or offenses requiring you to register as a sex offender. Your judge is free to ask about anything deemed relevant to your Legal Name Change Request. So, keep your real reason iin mind in case you may be asked at your Hearing.

Yes, but it’s not likely that you’ll be denied.  As long as you follow all the rules and aren’t changing names to escape an obligation, cause harm or injury, or other illegal acts.

Here are the main reasons why a Name Change Petition may get denied:

  • If your documents are incomplete or substantially incorrect.
  • If you File in the wrong court.
  • If you don’t live in Georgia now. 
  • If you have certain unresolved criminal history.
  • If you fail to appear at your Hearing or fail to do something else required of you by your Name Change judge. 

Georgia Name Change laws (Georgia Code § 19-12-1) will let you read  laws that your judge will be applying. Your Petition will be reviewed by a Superior Court Judge who will decide whether to Grant or Deny it.

However, if your Judge thinks that Granting yours might cause harm or injury, or confusion might be caused to the public, or for any other just cause, your judge is free to deny a Legal Name Change Request. 

Unless you aren’t a Georgia resident, or have troubling criminal history, you should be good. However, to get your Name Change Granted, you will need to actually Start Your Adult Name Change. This can happen!

The Name Change Process is the same, regardless of whether you need just one letter of your name fixed, or if you want to change your entire name completely. It’s the process that makes your Name Change Court Order honored everywhere in Georgia, the US and worldwide.

Even if you’re not really “Changing Your Name”, The court process is generally called “Name Change”. It’s an Official Process, done through Superior Court, and results in a Court Order, upon approval. That’s why it’s honored everywhere. A Certified Copy of your Order For Name Change is a Name Change Document and can be used to update ID and Official Records anywhere. 

To get Social Security, Georgia DDS or US Secretary of State (Passport) to change the spelling of your name on their ID for you, you probably need this Name Change Document-Final Order Changing Name.

If you don’t want your ID changed, then you may not need a Name Change Court Order. You’re allowed to call yourself any name you want, informally, as long as you don’t use the name to deceive, harm or defraud.  

Every Name Change Petition is reviewed in a Court Process and must be signed by a Superior Court Judge, upon approval. This process is the assurance everyone relies on throughout Georgia and the whole world.

EZ Name Change has Full Service Georgia  to help you Request a Georgia Final Order Changing Name.

If you need a Name Change Document to prove that the name you’re using, in real life, is in fact your legal name…you’re not alone. This is more common than you may think.

Many people are born with one name and have been going by a different name most, or all of their life. It’s not illegal. It could have been fixed legally, way back when. But it can still be fixed now

Since 9/11, the core ID agencies, like Social Security, Department of Health and Secretary of State have gotten strict about documenting Identity accurately. So, if the name on your birth or naturalization certificate isn’t the name you’re using now, you can get an Order For Name Change to get your real life name printed on your ID.

Everyone want’s to be sure that you’re really you. A Certified Copy of a Name Change Court Order from Circuit Court is a gold standard Name Change Document. With EZ Name Change Full Service, you can, upon approval, get that Court Order with a minimum of stress, cost and time.

This kind of problem didn’t start with 9/11. Americans have always been having name changes or variations when growing up. The 38th President of the United States was born with the name of Leslie Lynch King. You’ve never heard of President King though. That’s because he grew up as, and legally changed his name to Gerald Ford when he became an adult. He was called Leslie King until he was 2, when his family changed. After that, he was called Gerald Ford from then on. Of Course, he became President Gerald Ford in 1974, and you probably know the rest of that story.

With EZ Full Service, it will take about 2-3 months to get all the way through the legal process, maybe less. You’ll know what’s going on the whole way and have confidence that it’s getting done correctly. You can Start Now. Isn’t it time to get this handled?

Can I take my Maiden Name back if I’m still married?
Yes. You don’t need to be divorced or widowed to retake your Maiden Name. People commonly Restore a Maiden Name for personal, work and/or Professional purposes. The Name Change Petition process, upon approval, will get you back to your former legal name legally, regardless of your current marital status.

After divorce, are Name Change costs and time frames the same as any other Name Change?

No and Yes. 

No…There’s no extra costs to request Your Maiden Name back DURING your divorce case. If done properly, your Divorce Decree can show your Full Maiden Name as being Restored. An Order Like that should be valid to update ID to your Maiden Name without filing another case at all. 

Yes…You may need to follow the Process and pay the Costs for a regular Adult Name Change if:

  1. Your divorce wasn’t in Georgia, or
  2. Your divorce is over, was in Georgia and your Divorce Decree doesn’t Order and set forth your former name, or
  3. The New Name you want isn’t exactly the same as your Maiden Name.

If your Divorce was done in some other state, the rules in that other state may allow for a quicker or less costly method of Restoring a Former Name. However, you aren’t required to do that. You can just use the Georgia Adult Name Change process and EZ Name Change Full Service anytime if you just want to begin: Adult Name Change Start Now 

After I get married, can I Change My Name back to my Maiden Name if I change my mind?

Yes! Maybe you took your spouse’s last name, or a hyphenated combination of last names. You can take your old name back, legally without divorce. Or, maybe you kept your maiden name but now you’ve decided you want to have your spouse’s last name or a combination of of the two. Those situations happen all the time. The Legal Name Change process can fix it exactly the way you want for every legal purpose going forward.

You can take a different Legal Name After Marriage, with or without divorce. Your Marriage is one thing, and Your Legal Name is quite another thing. The right Name is a big part of the right You. Right?

No problem. Name variations on ID is fully fixable by getting the right kind of Name Change Document. You want to have one Legal Name, whichever one you prefer, for every legal purpose. With an Illinois Order For Name Change, you can update any ID with a variation to show Your Name exactly the way you prefer. 

You can have nicknames, stage names, names for business, or any sort of informal names you want without getting a Name Change Document. But, particularly since 9/11, it’s best to have one name you want for every legal purpose.  

It will take time, and some money to File for and get a Court Order, and then update your important ID after Legal Name Change. It’s DEFINITELY worth it!

You can do Legal Name Change yourself, or get it handled the EZ way with Full Service for a modest extra charge. Less frowning, more smiling. Not kidding. It’s worth it.

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