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Reason For Name Change – Top 5 Reasons To Change Your Name

Thinking of Changing Your Name?

Seriously thinking about changing your name because you don’t like it? Or, maybe you already have changed it, but need a name change document to prove it for ID? Most Americans legally change their names or think about it during their lives.

Top 5 Good Reasons To Change Your Name

Regardless of why you want or need a legal name change, you might want to know the name change reasons successfully used most often.

1. Family

  • For school, valid reasons for child name change is a parent wanting to have their child’s last name be the same as their own last name
  • Married couples want to have the whole family share the same last names
  • Sometimes a person wants to honor someone important in their upbringing
  • A person might hate their legal name because of very bad childhood associations
  • Some people want to restore a family name important in their heritage

2. Uniformity of ID – REAL ID

  • Real ID/Passport – For US and International Air Travel and access to Secure Federal Areas within the US, Name and ID must be uniform and Real ID Compliant.
  • When collecting Social Security or a Pension, you must have ID to prove your entitlement
  • To get or renew your Driver’s License, you have to prove your Legal Name and have it match your name at Social Security
  • When getting a job (and getting paid), you have to prove your Legal Name as the one you use
  • If you inherit money or transfer assets, you will be asked to prove you’re the legally intended inheritor and be able to deposit proceeds or change title.

3. Simplify

  • Name Change can eliminate hard to pronounce or hard to spell names
  • People get tired of explaining or fully writing out long or complicated names
  • Over time, many people adopt Name variations, which can cause problems in ID and Official Records
  • A single parent can have access problems with school or medical services with children’s names
  • When buying things, registering for school and other things, traveling, accounting for transactions, and accessing accounts, it’s easier and quicker when all your identification matches

4. Branding

  • Entertainers often adopt a stage name and want to make it legal at some point
  • Businessmen and women who have been using a name suited to their business life want to legalize the name they’ve become known by
  • People going into a career may want a name they think will improve their marketability in that field
  • Divorced people want to return to their pre-marriage name or take a completely new name that suits their view of life going forward
  • People want to get rid of a name with bad associations or take a name to honor someone important

5. Aspiration, Spiritual, Religious

  • Be The One You Want To Be!
  • People’s life experiences often lead them to want to be known by a different name than the one they grew up with
  • Adults, for themselves or their children, often want to change one or more names to better reflect their beliefs
  • Some people take on a name when pursuing a career, a personal goal or faith, then want to make that name legally their own as they go into their future
  • People who turn a page in their life often will want a new name to go with their new direction

Do You Need a Reason to Change Your Name?

You do need a reason to legally change your name. And, you already have one, or maybe more than one. Your real reason is probably a good and valid reason already, even if you may not feel comfortable about how to express it. Your judge will consider your reason when considering whether to Grant or Deny your Petition. Your reason is just a simple, straightforward statement of why you are doing this.

Valid Reasons For Child Name Change

A child’s first middle or last name can be legally changed, or the entire name can be changed. There are many, but here are some good reasons to change a minor child’s last name, or any other part too. Parents might change their mind about a newborn’s name after turning in the baby’s birth names. Your child might have a nickname that you all want instead of the legal name. Ofter, as parents marry, divorce or pass away, a child might need a different family name. The name a child carries into adulthood can matter a lot. The consideration and process can be challenging, but very important to get right.

How Hard Is It To Change Your Name?

Name Change is semi-complicated, but it’s important and deeply personal. Most everyone who wants or needs legal name change waits to do it. That’s because it’s not simple or free. But you can definitely do it and you can get licensed, 5-Star rated help from a service, if you want. There’s a lot of paperwork and processes to get right. Fortunately, you can click and read the details about how to change your name correctly.

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