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How Long to Change Your Name in Illinois

Hint: Doing everything right helps

Figure 2-3 months, from the day you start, to complete Illinois Legal Name Change by Petition. Time frames can be different in your county, maybe a little shorter or longer. A lot of different things have to happen in that time frame, which you can see in 3 basic steps below. 

The 3 Steps – How Long to Change Your Name in Illinois

The goal of this process is to get a Certified Copy of your Order For Name Change. With that in your hands, you can prove your Legal Name whereever you need to do that: Social Security, Real ID, Passport; Jobs, Banks, etc. To get to that goal, a lot of different things have to happen in a certain order and with a certain timing. Here are those things, broken into three steps and shown in the order they need to happen: 

  1. Prepare, File and Advertise your Name Change Petition
  2. Set and attend your Hearing. Upon Approval, get your Signed Order for Name Change and your Certified Copies of it. Smile:)
  3. Update Your ID and Official Records. Use your NEW Name for every legal purpose. 

With FULL SERVICE, we’re really fast. The total time this process takes will depend on how quickly you can get started, follow through with signing documents and getting your Certified Copy(s) upon approval, and updating ID. 

1. Prepare, File and Advertise Your Petition – How Long For Each Part

It will take you about 5 minutes to complete the EZ Questionnaire.  The Full Service Questionnaire starting point is here: Start Now  It takes us 1 business day to have your Petition completed and on the way to you for signatures before Filing. It takes us about 1 hour to have your Petition at the Court, once we have your signed Petition and Full Service payment (it can be longer depending on your court’s technological status). 1-3 days to order, pay for and confirm your required Advertising. 4 weeks to have the Advertising completed and get the Proof of Publication filed. You can do everything  yourself. It’s a complicated legal process, and might become irritating or frustrating. Expect, if you do try it yourself, to have to do some of the pieces and parts over, maybe more than once, to get it right. Most people aren’t familiar with the forms or court procedures.  But, if you’re determined and have the time, you can do this without help, if you want.  If you can afford the $190 for Full Service help, you’ll get it done more quickly and with confidence. 

2. How Long to Set the Hearing and Get Your Certified Copies, Upon Approval

We get your Hearing Date  and your Advertising finalized within 3 days, once we have your signed Petition and Full Service payment. About 6-8 weeks after that, you’ll have your Hearing for approval. On the day of your Hearing, a judge will review your Petition request and Proof of Publication, and make a decision. Expect the Hearing to be very brief that day.

Upon Approval, your Judge will sign a Court Order called Order for Name Change.  Certified Copies of that Signed Court Order, can be picked up from the  Circuit Court Clerk that same day. It only takes minutes for the Court Clerk to make your Certified Copies. With your Certified Copy(s) in hand, the Court Process is over and now you can begin updating your ID and Records.

3. How Long it Takes to Update Records in Illinois

If you need to update your Social Security and Driver’s License/State ID/Real ID, you will be able to take care of both of those in 1 or 2 days.

Updating your US Passport will take 6 to 12 weeks, by mail. But, the US Secretary of State has an expediting team if you have near term travel planned. 

It can take 1 to 2 months to update all of your ID and Official Records with your job, banks, credit cards, voter registration, Professional Licensing, etc., depending on the time you put into it.

EZ Name Change has a CHECKLIST for you, about updating ID and Official Records. It incudes tips and suggestions. We also give you a Social Security Application, in case you need to update with SSA. 

Once your Order for Name Change is signed by the judge, you can start using your New Legal Name in real life, if you weren’t already. Using your New Legal Name early and always, will help build that name into the world around you very solidly AND sooner than you might think.

Summary – How Long to Change Your Name in Illinois

  • Prepare and File Your Petition ~ 2 to 4 days if we help, plus 4 weeks for the Advertising. Figure 7  to 12 weeks if you’re going to do it all yourself.  
  • Hearing, Signed Final Order and Certified Copies  ~ 1 to 14 days, if we help. Figure 2 to 4 weeks if you’re doing this yourself.
  • Change Your Records ~ 2 to 3 days (most important ones) 2 to 6 months for them all, depending on how much time you put into it.

So, How Long to Change Your Name in Illinois? – Usually 2-3 months if we help you. That’s all. Changing all the little records will take a little longer. If you don’t start, it will take you forever.

We can have your Petition  done, properly, in no time flat! EZ Name Change specializes in Legal Name Change Petitions and is ready to help in every County in Illinois. We’re passionate about helping people get the exact Legal Name you want.

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