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Maiden Name Change in Illinois – With or Without Divorce

Maiden Name Change by Court Order

The term Maiden Name Change commonly refers to a married person, usually a wife, who wants to take back the name on the person’s birth certicate.  Taking back your Maiden Name can be done during or after divorce, or without divorce at all.  If you are in a divorce now, you can probably get your Maiden Name restored as part of your divorce judgment. For all other situations, you can definitely get your Maiden Name back through the Circuit Court Name Change process, upon approval.  

With or without divorce, if you get a Court Order Name Change, you will be able to update all ID and Official Records to Your Maiden Name. Many people choose to go back and use their former legal name, for work or business, and remain married. This happens a lot,  even after years of using a married name for everything. 

Maiden Name Change After Divorce in Illinois

What You Need To Do:
  1. Prepare a Request for Name Change
  2. File Your Request, Notice and Order in the correct court. Arrange the required publishing and give notice or get consent if required, pay the required fees.
  3. Get Your Court Order and Certified Copy(s), upon approval. Update your ID and Official Records
You can have FULL SERVICE help to get your Court Order, after or without a final divorce.

NOTE: You can restore any former legal name with this process. If you had multiple legal name changes, you may request that any of your former legal names be restored. You’re not limited to the name from your birth certificate if you’ve had more than one legal, married or other legal name changes such as can occur with adoption, or citizenship.

Maiden Name Change Without Divorce in Illinois

What You Need To Do:
  1. Prepare a Request for Name Change in Circuit Court.
  2. File Your Petition, Pay the required fees and Publish the required legal notices.
  3. Get Your Court Order and Certified Copy(s) of it. Change your ID and Official Records

NOTE: With a Circuit Court Name Change case, you’re entitled to Change Your Married Name to your Maiden Name, any prior Legal Name you’ve had, OR a completely New Legal Name. Your New Name can be a variation of any previous Legal Name you’ve had or completely unrelated to any name you’ve had before. A Circuit Court Name Change case isn’t restricted by the rules for marriage licenses or divorce laws. Limitations for any improper Name Change Requests would still apply.

Maiden Name Change Certified Copies

Social Security, Passport, DMV, and other important places require you to give them a Certified Court Order. Banks, other Government agencies and Financial Institutions … even Birth Certificates will make the changes you want when you present the Certified Copy. You will need at least one Certified Copy of your Order For Name Change to make changes after approval by your judge. Many people get 2 or more Certified Copies: One to keep in a safe place and one to use when required.

Certified Copies of Court Orders are available, whether you use your Divorce Case to Restore Your Maiden Name or file a New Name Change Request case. And, regardless of which path you choose, the main government and financial places WILL REQUIRE that you give them one when requesting an update of your legal name on the Official Document they issue for you.

Maiden Name Change After Divorce

Costs and Time Frames

It will take you about 5 minutes or less to complete our online questionnaire (“Start My Name Change Now”) and pay the initial fee to begin. As a Registered and Bonded Legal Document Assistant, we will send you the correctly completed Court Forms, file it in the right court, and, upon approval by the judge, get your Order For Name Change. You will need to go to the court for approval. With EZ Full Service,  we’ll give you guidance for the Approval Hearing and we’ll also give you a handy CHECKLIST for quickly updating  ID and Records.

This Court Process will take about 8-12 weeks, from the day you start until you have your Certified Copy(s) in hand, upon approval.  There are situations where it could take a little less time.

The itemized total charges (example) are:

$115. Paid after completing the online Questionnaire

$573. Paid after you receive the copleted Request for Name Change. Includes EZ Full Service $75, Court cost $388, and Newspaper $110.

$688 TOTAL

NOTES: This is current accurate Full Service pricing for Cook County, but other counties will be a little different due to Court Cost and Advertising Fee differences. Add another $20 for Certified Copies, which you pay directly to the Circuit Court when you get them after your Hearing, upon approval. There is no charge for updating your Social Security Account.  To update your Driver’s License with the Secretary of State, there’s a $5 charge. 

Maiden Name Change Without Divorce

Costs and Time Frames

It will take you about 5 minutes to complete our online questionnaire (“Start My Name Change Now”) and pay the initial fee to start the Name Change Process. With EZ Full Service, we will send you the correctly completed Request for Name Change Forms the next business day after Confirmation of your Order. After we get your signed documents back, we invoice you for the Full Service balance, promptly file Your Request, arrange the required public notices (if any) withing a matter of a few days. At that point, we provide you with a full REPORT on what’s been done and how your approval Hearing will be completed. We’ll also give you a handy CHECKLIST for quickly updating ID and Records.

This whole process will take about 2-3 months, or so, from start to finish. Most of that time is waiting for the court to process the Request and hold the Hearing.

The itemized Full Service Name Change charges are:

$115. to begin, after you give us your information through our Online Questionnaire.

$573 more (example) after you return the signed documents. We pay court and publication costs for you.

$688 – TOTAL. This is a useful Illinois example (Cook County), but costs vary based on the Court and Newspaper costs in your county and prevailing rates at the time of the Filing.

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