We are a low-cost service company assisting you to use the courts and legal process yourself, and for purposes you have chosen to pursue. We are personalized in our approach to helping you and so it’s important that we know you understand what we can and cannot do for you. Accordingly, your use of this Website (“EZNameChange.com” or “Website”), must be strictly subject to Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) created by Nationwide Legal Network, Inc. (“NLN” or dba “Legal Documents Division”). YOU ARE ADVISED NOT TO USE this Website if you do not agree to be bound by these T&C. Your use of the Website and any of NLN’s services will be governed by these T&C. Print a copy of the T&C for your records.

  • You should read and understand this entire contract before you use the Website or any NLN services. You should understand the kinds of services NLN can and cannot perform for You (see Part 1 below).
  • NLN is not a law firm. No officers or employees of NLN are attorneys. NLN cannot perform any of the legal services that only an attorney can perform. Neither NLN nor any of its officers or employees can engage in the practice of law, advise you of your rights, represent you in your legal matter, give you legal opinions or choose your forms for you.
  • The Los Angeles county clerk has not evaluated or approved NLN’s knowledge or experience, or the quality of NLN’s work.
  • NLN cannot permanently keep your original documents if You request that NLN return them to you. If You provide any original documents to NLN, NLN cannot keep them after all of the contract services have been provided (see Part 1 below). It is a violation of California law if NLN keeps your original documents under any of these circumstances.
  • It is a violation of California law if NLN, or any of its officers or employees make any false or misleading statement to You.
  • NLN cannot obtain special favors from, and NLN does not have any special influence with, any court or any state or federal agency.
  • As required by law, NLN has filed a bond or made a cash deposit and its officers are registered as Legal Document Assistants in Los Angeles County where NLN will perform services, if requested by you, on Your behalf.

NLN can perform the following self-help services for You in connection with a legal matter in which You are representing Yourself: NLN can type or otherwise complete, as You specifically direct, legal documents that You have selected.  NLN can provide You general published factual legal information that has been written or approved by an attorney or government agency, to help You represent Yourself.  NLN can provide You published legal documents.  NLN can have legal forms and documents filed and served if You request it and as You specifically direct.

These are the only kinds of court related or law related services that NLN can perform for You.  NLN cannot provide You with legal advice, legal representation, legal decisions or any other services that only licensed attorneys can provide.  If You need any of those kinds of services, then You require the services of an attorney and not NLN.

NLN cannot provide You any self-help service unless You are representing Yourself in a legal matter and the self-help service relates to that legal matter.

NLN will provide You documents, and all services attendant to preparing them, that You request as part of Your effort to accomplish Your legal purpose objective.  The prices You are charged by NLN are always available to You, in advance, through this Website FAQs.  You will be shown the same prices again when You complete Your order through the Website, based upon Your specific order request.  DO NOT COMPLETE YOUR ORDER unless You agree that the prices You are being charged are the ones You expected to be charged and agree to pay.

You are paying NLN only for those services You expressly request, and no others.  It is unlawful for NLN to make any guarantee or promise toYou concerning the outcome of your legal situation at all, or concerning anything else unless it is written in this contract and unless NLN has a factual basis for making the guarantee or promise.


Your completion of Your online Order, including confirming Your payment for services ordered, constitutes Your agreement to be bound by our T&C and our agreement to do the work You requested at the agreed to prices.  

When You complete Your online order, You will be shown an itemization and total of all NLN charges related to Your order.  If You disagree with any items for which You are being charged, correct Your order prior to completing it.  You understand that NLN has a right to rely on Your order instructions, together with Your agreement to pay the NLN charges related to Your order.


You may cancel Your order for any reason within 24 hours after Your order has been submitted to NLN  and paid for online.  

If You cancel the contract, NLN will promptly refund any fees which You have paid NLN.  The only fees that NLN may keep are fees for services which NLN has actually necessarily and reasonably performed on Your behalf during the 24-hour period.  NLN cannot keep any fees for services performed during the 24-hour period unless You knew that NLN would perform those services and You requested rush services.

To cancel this contract, send NLN a written notice stating that You are canceling the contract.  Your notice can be by email sent via the Website, or to info@nationwidelegalnetwork.com. Cancellation takes effect on the date of NLN’s receipt of Your notice.  You can also cancel this contract by delivering a written notice of cancellation to NLN’s physical address within the 24-hour period.

You may also cancel this contract at any time if NLN:

  • Fails to have these T&C available for You in this Website, so You can read and print them out for Your records before NLN provides any services to You, or
  • Fails to specify in Your payment page, the services which NLN will perform and the costs of those services prior to Your confirming payment for them, or
  • Fails to make a copy of these T&C available to You in English and in any other language that You understand if another language was principally used by NLN in any oral sales presentation or negotiation leading to execution of Your order for services.

If You cancel Your order for any of these reasons, NLN will immediately refund, in full, any fees which You have paid NLN.

You may also cancel this contract at any time if You have legal cause.


In the event of suit for damages arising from this contract or to enforce any of its provisions, the court may award the prevailing party his/her/its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.



Full Name and Title: Barbara Selten, President; Eric Selten, Vice-President
Business Name: Nationwide Legal Network, Inc. (EZNameChange.com dba Nationwide Legal Network, Inc.)
Business Address: 5665 Whitnall Highway, Suite #2,
City, State, ZIP: North Hollywood,CA 91601
Telephone number: 818 505-6189

Fax number: 818 505-6161
Registration number in county where services will be provided: LDA 564
Date of expiration: 2-5-18
County: Los Angeles
NLN has filed a bond or made cash deposit in the following counties: Los Angeles


You.  Any individual who accesses the Website.  Any individual who uses the Website to acquire information and/or to place an order for NLN services.  Customer’s individual names and contact information are set forth in their answers to Questionnaire questions and/or payment authorization they complete and confirm.


NLN’s Website is operated and all attendant services provided at its principal place of business in North Hollywood, CA (address shown above).  By having the Website available online, NLN affirms its agreement to the T&C. NLN’s agreement was made at it’s principal place of business and becomes effective for any individual CUSTOMER/USER on each date such individual accesses the Website and/or orders NLN services.

Notices to User/Customer

You may obtain information from the local bar association or a legal aid or legal services office regarding free or low-cost representation by a lawyer.

 You may contact the local police, sheriff, district attorney or legal aid or legal services office if You believe that You are the victim of fraud, unauthorized practice of law or other injury.