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Name Change News

US State Department Now Allows X Gender Marker on US Passports

The U.S. State Department announced that the “X” Gender Marker is available on United States Passports, effective April 11, 2022. Prior to this announcement, the …

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Kanye West is now Ye

Kanye Omari West, one of the most well known celebrities in the world, legally changed his name to Ye in 2021. A legal name change, …

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Why would you change your name to Supreme Symposium?

Anamika Mazumdar, of Bengal India, did that and a whole lot of people started wondering why anyone would do it. If you don’t know the …

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Sed fringilla vulputate leo nec feugiat.

Vestibulum aliquam augue ut vehicu la. vitae accumsan leo, ac auctor velit. Quisque eu ex maximus, lectus eu, enim. Cras id molestie eros. Proin sagittis …

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