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Name Change Specialists for California Residents

Name Change Specialists are rare. That’s because most Licensed Legal Documents Assistants, or paralegals, do other things and not just Name Change. Only EZ Name Change Specializes in Legal Name Change for Adults, Children and Families. EZ Name Change doesn’t do Wills, Trusts, Small Claims, Divorces, Copyrights, etc. Name Change Specialist is what we are, and we do it all day for anyone within California or Arizona. EZ is the only Name Change Service with Full Service and of 5-Star Customer Reviews from review sites you’ve heard of (EZ Yelp, Google+ Review, FB Reviews, BBB Review Page) We’re passionate about helping people with Name Change. This is personal and important. We get it.

We’ve been in legal services for more than 30 years, and became Name Change Specialists in 2012. So, in the course of time, we have gotten to know how the Courts work and how to get things done when working with them. If you had done these things as many times as we have, you’d know how to get things done efficiently too. That’s why we’re called Name Change Specialists now.

Name Change Specialists will handle every part of your Name Change Petition

You want a Legal Name Change? You want it done inexpensively and correctly so you can go smoothly through the legal process? Have Name Change Specialists take you through it and get ready to smile a lot. And, then your NEW NAME will work everywhere (including Social Security, Birth Certificate, Passports, School, banks and Work, etc). You don’t want to have to do this over and over or spend an enormous amount of time to get it done right.

We have built our online  system so you can use our knowledge and experience quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s for Yourself or for your Child/Children, this is an easy-to-use 3-step questionnaire system that took years to develop but just minutes for you to use. You set-up your own privacy account (login), answer the short questionnaire, approve and pay for the service, and you get a fully completed ready-to-sign Name Change Petition (all custom made for a type of name change in your county). With Full Service, you’ll also have Name Change Specialists with you all the way, written guidance about the process so you know what’s going on, a Post-Name Change Checklist (things-to-do) and other information you’ll need to get your ID and Official Records updated with your new Legal Name, upon approval.

We are a personal services company. So you won’t just get all the properly completed paperwork and guidance you need. You will also have us available by phone and email all the way until you are satisfied. We know you are going to crack a big smile when you get your official NAME CHANGE DECREE in your hands….and we get to help you do that!

Name Change Specialists Additional Information and Credentials

Eric Selten:

  • Registered/Bonded Legal Document Assistant, Los Angeles County, CA Since 2012
  • Name Change researcher and writer.
  • Legal Services manager-30 years.
  • Responsible Manager for EZ Name Change Since 2012
  • Arbitrator – Bar Association (LACBA), Better Business Bureau – Since 1997

Barbara Selten:

  • Registered/Bonded Legal Document Assistant, Los Angeles County, CA Since 2012
  • President, Founder-Nationwide Legal Network, Inc
  • Attorney Supervised Legal Forms and Court process manager, 30 years

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We take privacy very seriously. Our Privacy Policy is published and available for you to review anytime through our website link found at the bottom of every website page. We don’t ask for or allow access to your information, for any reason, except for our use to prepare your required court documents. We destroy your information after it’s no longer needed to support your Name Change Petition process. We maintain a high-security website badge and use encrypted data transfer systems. Your privacy questions are welcome.

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