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Name Change Questions can be about Changing Names for an adult, child or whole family. Your question may be about  getting ID or Official Records changed. Or, it may be about the Court Order Process for your particular kind of Change of Name. We respond quickly to every question.

When you give us your Name Change Question, you will be getting a reply from a Name Change Specialist. We are the same people who assist all our customers with their real Name Change Petitions throughout the entire process. So, the answers you get will be from licensed and bonded Name Change people who handle your kind of situation every day. You can’t find that kind of help anywhere else. Not even from a court clerk.

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Name Change Questions – Every Kind of Legal Name Change in California

Changing Names can be done for almost everyone. We can, and do help adults, parents and families with Name Change Questions no matter where they have a residence in California. Before we started EZ Name Change, we did a year and half of research and development. That included interviewing courts, newspapers, government and financial ID and Records offices up and done the whole state. Since then, we have helped thousands of people successfully Change their Names. And, we’ve answered 10s of thousands of questions from EZ Name Change Customers and people who just needed information to make their plans.

Legal Name Change is all we do at EZ Name Change. Of all the Name Change Questions we’ve handled, there have been one or two that we couldn’t answer with only the information we were given. And, we’ve learned even a lot more over the years to be sure our assistance is current and the best available information on the subject.

You see, we know that Name Change is really important and personal. We get that. So, if you have Name Change Questions, go ahead and ask. We’ve studied for this test.

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