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You may stopped short of starting a Legal Name Change for an adult, child or a whole family, because you have significant questions about the process. However, we have those answers for you. We’ve seen it all, and helped with every imaginable situation. In other words, expert answers are available here. Your question may be about  getting ID or Official Records changed. Or, you may want to know more about the Court Order Process for your particular kind of Change of Name. Maybe you want to know if your situation is workable, or how long everything takes.  Because you might want to know how much we charge, we give you that answer and information about ALL the costs.   We respond quickly to every question so you get the information you want, and so we can help you reach your name change goal.

When you give us your Name Change Question, you will be getting a reply from a Name Change Specialist. We are the same people who assist all our customers with their real Name Change Petitions throughout the entire process. So, the answers you get will be from licensed and bonded working Name Change people. Legal Document Assistants who handle your kind of situation every day. You can’t find that kind of help anywhere else. Not even from a court clerk. We know how important this is and how much of your life connects to having exactly the right legal name. In other words, we like to answer all your questions to help you feel comfortable enough to make this happen.

And, here’s why we like to answer your questions

When you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know whether we’re helping you or not. Therefore, the more information we can give you about Legal Name Change, the more likely you are to be successful and appreciate our help. We have so many 5-Star Reviews on Yelp Customer Reviews, BBB Review Page, FB Reviews, and Google+ Review because we give complete answers. In addition, we get to know you’re smiling the day it happens for you. Some of our customers send us pictures with their Decree Changing Name, so we can see.

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EZ Name Change Customer ServiceOr, Call us at (818) 505-6189 during business hours for faster answers

We only work on Legal Name Change Petitions, and only for people who have a residence in California. As a result, we’ve already encountered your situation and can explain how it works. Since 2012, we’ve been doing this, exclusively.  Consequently, we already know how this process works where you are. Whether your residence is at the very top of the State or all the way down at the Mexico border…or, whether you’re on California’s eastern borders or all the way west to the ocean. So, when you ask your question(s), we answer with up to date information for your court and your type of Legal Name Change. For instance, if you ask about what we do for you, we answer with a full description of our FULL SERVICE. Furthermore, the more real information you have, the more confident you’ll be starting and then finishing this process well.

Changing Legal Names can be done for almost everyone: adults, parents or whole families. Since most people only do name change once, if that, everyone has questions about how it works.Because it’s complicated AND important, you want to know how it all works before moving ahead with it. Consequently, we have a lot of answers for you.  Before we started EZ Name Change, we did a year and half of research and development. That included interviewing courts, newspapers, government and financial ID and Records offices up and done the whole state. Since then, we have helped many thousands of California residents successfully Change their Names. And, we’ve answered a kajillion questions from EZ Name Change Customers and people who just needed information to make their plans. Kajillion is a whole lot:)  We don’t have a limit on questions or answers.

Legal Name Change is all we do at EZ Name Change. Of all the Name Change Questions we’ve handled, there have been one or two that we couldn’t answer with only the information we were given. So, we went and found out those answers too.  We’ve learned a lot over the years, and learn a little more every day, so be sure our assistance is current and the best available information on the subject. Your success is how we measure our success. Therefore, when you have accurate information, we can meet or beat your expectations. That’s what we like to do.

We know that Name Change is really important and personal. We get that. Therefore, we provide answers and information so you can know what to expect. In addition, when you know how it works, you can measure the value of our work for you. That’s good for us too:)  So, if you have Name Change Questions, go ahead and ask. In short, we’ve studied for this test.

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