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EZ Name Change Reviews & Ratings

EZ Name Change Reviews matter. When Real People experience satisfaction and success, they often speak up. Because a Name Change is very personal, and very important. Some EZ Name Change customers post their comments on YELP, Google +, Facebook or BBB. We get emails from others everyday and post some of them here when we can.

EZ Name Change Reviews – 2022

Hello George – Natalie and I are very happy. We are very appreciative of your support and the professional assistance that you provided. It was a wonderful experience working with you. We will certainly post on the links you provided. Thank you so much for everything. – Anthony & Natalie (Orange County, May 10, 2022)
Thank you so much. I so truly appreciate you helping me, these almost past two months. I’m for sure going to recommend and refer EZ Name Change to family, friends, and acquaintances, should they want to change their name in the future. I will also let other Californians know about my experience with EZ Name Change, by posting my comments on BBB or YELP through the links you provided me.So thanks again George for your time and consideration. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day and week!!! – Henry (San Mateo County, April 20, 2022)
Hello George and everyone at EZNameChange, Thank you! I know I still have to get all my records to reflect my name change, and that is some work for me to get through. However, I do feel much less overwhelmed now that the official name change has been completed. Thank you all for the service you provided! I highly appreciate the patience and positive approach with which you all assisted me with this process! Thanks once again, Smita (Alameda County, April 18, 2022)
Hi Barbara and Eric, My name change was approved yesterday! Thank you! Many others did not get approved as documents they expected to be submitted for them were not by whoever they used. So thank you for the great work! Peter (Riverside County, March 31, 2022)
I returned home about 9 AM from the Burbank Courthouse. I was a bit early for my 8:30 AM hearing as were the few others waiting for the courtroom to open. At about 8:35 the Court Clerk appeared, rushing down the hall, apologizing saying, “Sorry I’m a little late, but we have a lot on today’s schedule.” She was holding a stack of papers that she placed down on a small desk in front of the still locked courtroom. She picked up the first one, reading aloud, “Mr ———-.” I say, “Yes” and walk to her. She hands me the paper and says, “The judge has approved your name change, please take this down the hall to the Clerk. You can purchase copies of the decree there.” I’m thinking, “What? Seriously? That’s it? No hearing? No courtroom? No judge?” But what I actually said was,” Oh, thank you. And please thank the judge for me.” There was no one in line in the Clerk’s office. I filled out some paperwork, bought my 2 Decree copies, as you suggested, and was on my way. It took me longer to drive the 2 and a half miles home than the entire court procedure. LOL. My thanks to you and Barbara for making this process as smooth and effortless for me as it was. I credit your stellar customer service for that. Again, thank you both for all that you do! Best, Mark (Los Angeles County, March 18, 2022)
This is Awesome news George, thanks so much EZName for getting this done without any issues. I was always skeptical of getting this started on my own but after connecting with you it just seems so easy. Thanks a Ton. Amit (Alameda County, February 26, 2022)
It went great! Judge granted and signed the petition. 🙂 Thank you so much, Eric! Really appreciate your help and information on this. Also, please give Maria my best wishes Misty (Humbolt County, January 21, 2022)
Thanks again, you guys truly did a great job of keeping me in the loop and walking me through each stage and responding in a timely manner…Very professional …I have already referred your company to others ..Great Job 👍😊 Patricia (San Bernardino County, January 11, 2022)

EZ Name Change Reviews – 2021​

Thank you so much for the wonderful news. Appreciate your Firm’s hard work and help in this regard. We will share our experience with others for sure. We have successfully received updated SSN Card. Thank you once again for your help.
Santhosh and Srilekha (San Diego County, Dec 17, 2021)

Thank you very much for the assistance you and your team provided. It was a difficult task for me to fill out these legal forms. I am excited with my new name and the positive changes it will be bringing!
Daniella (Orange County, December 14, 2021)

Thank you Maria! Cheers and best from us. You and the EZ team were a great help. We’re super happy and grateful for your services!
Eric (Fresno County, November 18, 2021)

Want to thank you so much for making our experience to be one that was smooth, easy and successful.

Thank you again and again.
Julie and David (Los Angeles County, July 28, 2021)

Thank you for all your help, Eric. Everything went fine at the hearing this morning, as I’m sure you knew it would. We could not have undergone this process without your help and patience, and it truly is appreciated. Be well,
Charles (San Mateo County, July 19, 2021)

Thank so I really appreciate it. I honestly couldn’t have done with without you and Eric. I just wanted to really thank you both. I wasn’t sure on what to do and you guys literally made it so easy and honestly just thank you so much. This is the best thing to happen all year so thank you so much for all the work y’all did .
Reina (Solano County, June 17, 2021)

Hi Barbara, This petition has been granted by judge Jeffrey Zimel. I have received 3 certified copies of decree changing name today. Thank you very much for getting this done! I would also want to thank Eric and Maria for doing a fantastic job!
Danna (Riverside County, June 7, 2021)

Hi Maria, I wanted to thank all of you for your outstanding work on this matter, yes I felt supported, included, and well taken care of. Please pass on my most sincere Thank You to the rest of your team. It has truly been an honor to work with such a professional company.
Frank (San Diego County, May 14, 2021)

Thank you so much for everything you guys did, I truly appreciate your help!
Javier (Santa Cruz County, May 14, 2021)

Hi All,

Thank you all for the assistance in getting my name changed, this feels like a long journey (which started when I emigrated back in 1990). Wow – it is such a great feeling to know all my documents and what everyone has called me mu entire life can now match.
Anna (San Mateo County, May 13, 2021)

Our petition was granted today. We are over the moon and just in shock because we didn’t expect this to happen so quickly. I already made an appointment to pick up certified copies on Monday. I cannot THANK YOU enough Eric. You made this process so incredibly easy for us. Thank you so much!
Ninette (Los Angeles County, Apr 16, 2021)

Nancy (San Diego County, Apr 1, 2021)

EZ Name Change Reviews – 2020​

It’s all done!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Big smiles loooongggg time coming. Awesome, thank you so much! I appreciate all your help and encouragement happy holidays 💕 Rain (Kings County, Dec 23, 2020)

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