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Transgender Name Change New York – Name and Gender Change

How to Change Your Name and Gender in New York

Name and Gender Change is available and accessible. Among other things, this Petition process, through the New York Supreme Court, will establish a change in your Name and Your Sex Designation (gender marker), upon approval. With that Court Order, you can update all your ID and Official Records, including your Birth Certificate if you were born in New York or certain other States.

New York transgender residents can Petition for Change of Name and Sex Designation to Male, Female or X. The X designation is currently recognized by, and can be put onto your U.S. Passport when you make that request and present a Certified Copy of the Court Order.

If you want a Petition to Change Your Name and Gender, or Gender only, you prepare and file, in a correct court, a Name Change and/or Sex Designation Change Petition for Individual Adult. Upon approval, you can get Certified Copies of an Order Granting Name Change and/or Sex Designation Change for Individual Adult. And, with that document, you can get your ID updated with Social Security, DMV, Passport, Professional Licensing, School, work, banking, etc.

This can happen, and EZ Full Service is here to help you through the court process.

Transgender Name and Sex Designation Change Process in NY

The streamlined process is:

  • Prepare the correct set of Court Forms for the correct Supreme Court.
  • File the Forms at the correct courthouse and pay the Index fee or use a Court Fee Waiver Request
  • Upon Approval, get your Certified Order from the court. Start updating your Government and Financial ID, and Official Records

New York Sex Designation Change

Each person born in New York is assigned a gender at birth. Until relatively recently, gender designations were limited to “male” or “female” and couldn’t be changed. After landmark litigation, court’s started allowing the sex designation assignment at birth to be changed. Over time, various states adopted court processes to facilitate that type of Petition Case and a few State Administrative Agencies began recognizing such court order changes to make changes on ID. More recently, the courts and administrative agencies have been recognizing “X” as a sex designation (or gender marker), in addition to “Male” or “Female”.

If you Petition for Change of Name and Gender, your new gender marker can be changed for every legal New York State use. Federal designation will depend on laws in effect as National Political leaders may establish and change from time to time. As of 12/22, US Passports can show the newly established legal gender marker, upon presentation of the correct Order.

So, bottom line…If your New York birth certificate shows you as “male”, with a Granted Order Granting Name Change and/or Sex Designation Change for Individual Adult, you can have a new birth certificate made to show your NEW Legal Name and your new gender as either “female” or “X” Of course, if your birth certificate shows your gender as “female”, you could similarly have a new birth certificate displaying your gender as “male” or “X”, upon approval.

With your Order Granting Name Change and/or Sex Designation Change, you can then get all your other U.S. and New York ID, and Official Records to match the Court Order (DMV, School, Professional Licensing, etc.).

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Sex Designation and Your Name?

COSTS –The biggest single category of Name and Gender Change Cost in New York is the court fee for the Petition filing. Every New York Supreme Court charges $210. The cost in New York City is $65 for Civil Court. Whether you do everything yourself, have EZ Name Change help you, or have someone else help you, the Court Filing cost needs to be paid. If you can’t afford to pay the court filing costs, send us an email request and we can help you with an application for pauper status which, if granted by the court, would eliminate the court filing and certified copy charges.

Petition preparation costs can run from zero to thousands of dollars, depending on who does the preparations. If you do everything yourself, you won’t pay to prepare your own Petition correctly. But, you will have to invest the time to do that properly. Figure on between 3 and 10 hours. EZ Name Change Full Service charges are $190. Attorney’s may charge between $400 and $3,500 for the same thing. If you want legal advice for any reason, for instance because you have an unresolved criminal or family legal history, you may need an attorney.

SUMMARY – Full Service Name and Sex Designation Change Petition in NY

  • $ 115 – Initial Payment (Petition Preparation)
  • $ 285 – Court Index Cost + EZ Full Service Charge – $75
  • $ 5 – Notary Fee
  • $ 10 – Certified Copy(s)
  • $ 415 TOTAL

Court Order Name & Gender Change in NY

At the end of this process, you get an Order Granting Name Change and/or Sex Designation Change. A Certified Copy of your Order is the Gold Standard of Name/Name and Gender Change Proof everywhere in the United States and all over the world. Each court order is still subject to the different State and Country laws.

Upon approval, you’re going to get a Certified Copy(s) of your Order Granting Name Change and/or Sex Designation Change for Individual Adult. You can then go straight away to get ALL your important US and New York ID and records changed: Social Security, DMV, Passport, School, Banks, Birth Certificate, etc. Legal Name Changes will be honored everywhere, subject to the laws of other States and Countries. Name and Gender Marker Changes will be honored everywhere in New York immediately.

Certified Copies of your court order are, upon approval, $5 each (or free with an approved Fee Waiver). We recommend you get 2, or 3 if you’re going to get a new birth certificate.

Can a Judge Deny a Transgender Name Change in NY?

Yes. A judge is there to stop people from causing deception, fraud, harm, injury, or public confusion. Your judge has the duty of checking everything over and concluding that Your Petition can be Granted or not. A judge may well deny your Petition if you have unresolved criminal history or other legal complications. If done correctly, almost all Petitions for Change of Name and Sex Designation are Granted.

Changing Name and Gender on Birth Certificate in New York

People born in New York City or in New York State outside of New York City, can change their name and sex designation marker on their birth certificate to male (from female) or female (from male) or to “X” (from either male or female). To change name and gender on that document, you must complete a Birth Certificate Correction Application which can be obtained from the New York State Department of Health, AND present a Certified Copy of an Order Granting Name Change and/or Sex Designation Change.Pretty cool, right?

Name and Gender Change New York DMV

You can have your Name and Gender Change (including gender marker “X”) reflected on your New York DMV ID by following simple steps. If your birth certificate has already been changed to reflect your New Name and Gender, then you just need to get your Social Security Card to match before applying to DMV. If your birth certificate isn’t updated, then you’ll need to also bring a Certified Copy of the Order Granting Name Change to the DMV. Be careful to have all your ID be consistent with your name and gender, so you won’t get unwanted questions about differences in your ID. A Certified Copy of your Order Granting Name Change is a perfectly acceptable name change document for every New York DMV purpose. Getting that DMV License, with these changes on it, is definitely a smiling situation:)

Trans Name Change Help

At EZ Name Change, we’ve been helping Trans people through the name change process for many years. Legal Name Change is all we do. We’re Specialists. If you want to do your Name Change or Name and Gender Change all by yourself, you can. If you want to just ask a question or two, we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, we will take you all the way through the process if you want that kind of help. You’ll have a lot of confidence with our help, and it will be a little fun too. We feature low-cost, minimum bother, and maximum satisfaction. Privacy guaranteed!

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