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New York Name Change Costs, Fees & Steps

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Name In New York?

Changing your name is a VERY personal and important decision. However, it isn’t easy, simple or free to do. Finding out about all the costs involved isn’t easy either. This article will give you the Name Change Cost New York information you’re looking for. Details, itemization and totals.

Itemized New York Name Change Fees

To legally change your name so that you can get your official records changed, you’ll need a Certified Copy of a Court Order. You’ll get that after your Name Change Hearing, upon approval by a New York Supreme or County Court. The Certified Copy is what Social Security, School Administrators, DMV and the other important government and financial offices all want to see. Each step you need to take to get that Certified Copy has a cost associated with it.

The Steps are:

  • Prepare a Petition
  • File the Petition in Court
  • Give Legal Notice, if required
  • Get Court Order and Change Your Records

Name Change New York Cost & Steps

1. Name Change Petition Cost in New York

We can prepare your Petition for you. We charge $115 for your completed Petition, prepared by Registered and Bonded Legal Document Assistants for your particular Name Change in your particular court. The New York Supreme Court website will give you forms and some information to file a Petition in your county. There are between 3 and 5 different forms to fill out, depending on the county where you live and the type of Name Change you’re doing. Your local court also has some way to get you free legal help if you need it. You can do this yourself, without help, but you will need to spend some hours, maybe a lot of hours, going through it all and filling it all out correctly.

With EZ Name Change, your Petition will come to you, completed correctly, and ready for you to review, sign, notarize and return to us for Filing. The charge for Notarization is usually $5, depending on who you use and whether you go to the Notary or the Notary comes to you. EZ Name Change will provide all the required forms, fully and correctly completed, and marked for signatures. With our NY Full Service Name Change, we’ll do the filing for you too. You just mail back the signed forms in our Return Envelope.

2. Name Change Petition Filing Fee in New York

The biggest single category of Name Change Cost in New York is the court fee for the Petition filing. Every New York Supreme Court charges $210. For New York city residents, the cost for New York City Civil Court is $65. Whether you do everything yourself, have EZ Name Change help you, or have someone else help you, the Court Filing cost needs to be paid. If you can’t afford to pay the court filing costs, send us an email request and we will help you with an Application for Waiver of court fees if we’re going to help you with your Petition.

The Courts change their filing rates when they need to, so you’ll need to check or get current charges from us or from the Court just before you go to file. With EZ Name Change Full Service, you’ll have all the exact costs in advance.

3. Advertising - Name Change Notice Costs in New York

$0 – At the end of 2021, most costs for notification, or Advertising, have been eliminated entirely. There may be a requirement for specific notifications if you have certain criminal history or unpaid child/spousal support obligations. But, for the most part, Name Change Advertising Notice requirements are no longer required, so no advertising costs apply.

4. Certified Copy Cost - Name Change Court Order Cost in New York

Certified Copies cost $5 each. A Certified Copy isn’t a regular copy. It’s an Official Record and, properly prepared, is honored by every State and Federal Government Agency, and even Internationally. You must have a Certified Copy of your Final Order Changing Name of Adult in order to update your ID and Official Records with Social Security, DMV, Passport, Bank, Professional Licensing, and other core agencies. Many of your relationships won’t need to see a Certified Copy, but the main ID places will.

You can get your Certified Copies from the Court directly after you get your signed Order Granting Name Change from the court. You can get as many Certified Copies as you want. And, you can get more, even years later, from that same place. We recommend that you get 2 of them, so figure $10 for Certified Copies.

Summary - TOTAL (Itemized) Name Change Petition Costs for AN ADULT in New York

$ 415 – Typical Full Service TOTAL

INCLUDES: Court Filing ($285); EZ Full Service ($190). Also includes Notary ($5) and Certified Copies ($10).

These are the current actual Full Service Total Costs for all Counties, New York Supreme Court Petition Process. In New York City, it’s $270 for Full Service Name Change. Of this TOTAL amount, you will be asked to Pay $115 after you complete our Questionnaire (Start Now). We’ll ask for the EZ Full Service balance (typically $285) after you return the signed, notarized Petition Documents. We will confirm your actual costs, and the timing of payments, by written confirmation after you complete the Questionnaire online. You’ll pay the Notary ($5, approx) and Certified Copy ($10, approx) charges when you get those services during the process. We’ll provide all the guidance for that when it’s time. All of that equals $415, TOTAL.

There’s a reason EZ Name Change is the only Full Service 5-Star Name Change company!

DIY Cost to Change Name in New York

You will pay all the same Court, Notary and Certified Copy Costs for the Legal Name Change process if you do everything yourself. If you do it all yourself, you can save the EZ FULL SERVICE fee ($190), for Preparing and Filing your Petition at Court and for providing guidance for signing, notarization, obtaining Certified Copies and Updating ID and Official Records.

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