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Can I Change My Last Name in a Different State or County?

Changing Your Name in a Different State

Legally Changing Your Name Is Done Where You Live Now

Every state has its own process for changing your name. You need to do it right, wherever you are now, if you want your name change to be effective and honored everywhere. And the procedure varies somewhat, state-to-state. All the states have a process to review your requested name change, your criminal history, and provide notice of your proposed name change to the public and specific people in some situations. Some states have elaborate ways to check about your character, finances and other personal factors too.

State Name Change Procedures

Then, in every state, a judge will review the gathered information and decide whether or not it should be Granted. A Hearing may be held where the judge can ask you questions as part of the decision making process. At some point, everywhere, a judgment will be issued by that court, to allow or deny the requested Name Change. But, because all the states (and even counties within each state) have different processes, it doesn’t mean one state’s court order is less effective than another (Except Hawaii). That’s because each state sets its own rules. And every state honors each other’s Court Orders. The U.S. Government is on board with that arrangement too. In fact, Legal Name Change is a status that means something everywhere in the world.

Easiest States To Change Your Name

The laws, rules and procedures for legal name change vary quite a lot in every state. Still, every state except Hawaii will provide you with a Court Order that can be used to make changes with your ID and Official Records.

Because of Full Service, by EZ Name Change, California, Georgia and Illinois are considered among the easiest and surest ways to get a name legally changed.

Changing Your Name And Moving To Another State

One of the great features of legal name change, when it’s done right, is that you can take it with you anywhere. If you have a Certified Decree Changing Name from the San Diego Superior Court, you can use it to get your Real ID in Providence RI. And, since you can get your Social Security or Passport changed to a new legal name anywhere in the US, you can get your Name Change Decree in Alameda County California, move to Selma Alabama and get your Passport in your New Legal Name. Legal Name Change is fully portable.

Minor Name Change In Different State Than Custody

Changing your child’s name can be done in California, even if you have a Custody Order from a different state. File your case in the County Superior Court where your child lives now (see CCP 1276(a) California Name Change Laws), unless your custody order states otherwise. Giving Public Notice and Serving a non-consenting parent (if reasonably possible) will need to be done correctly (CCP 1277(a)(2)(4)). It’s not simple, but it’s important and doable.

Can I Change My Name In A Different County?

You may have been born in another state, but you need to Petition for Name Change in the county where you live now. You can Petition in another California County if you have multiple residences, as some people do. Regardless of which County processes your Name Change Petition, if Granted, the Court Order can be used to change your ID and Official Records in any other state and with the Federal Government too. Learn more about name change in Los Angeles County.

Legally Changing Your Name in California

In California, the legal name change process is accessible. But that doesn’t mean that the process is always easy to understand or follow for those without experience in the legal process. Even licensed lawyers get help from practiced professionals when they want to change their own name. Name Change is a legal process, but very few lawyers do it. That’s why even lawyers use our FULL SERVICE name change services in California. Name Change is paperwork intensive and very detailed.

Will the Legal Name Change Differences Cause You A Problem?

No. Each name change is unique, even if the process isn’t. And, where you live, there’s only one process for your particular kind of legal name change. You just need to learn ALL the rules and follow them all fully and carefully. If you’re going to try and do it yourself, set aside a lot of time and try to be patient.

You can do this. But, this legal name change may be a good place to use an inexpensive expert. The things you have to be sure of, in every state, are that: All the correct forms and documents are properly completed and filed; All the required legal notices have to be done correctly/ And, all the Hearing requirements have to be done properly to get your Name Change court order. Time is money, and this is important.

In many states across the US, legal name changes are informally allowed by Usage of a new name only, over a lot of years and in every aspect of your life. That said, even in those situations, the most important government and financial institutions such as banks, Social Security, DMV, Passport, Schools, etc., will likely require a court order, or Decree Changing Name, in order to issue you ID with your requested name change.

What Does it Cost? Can You Be Turned Down, How Can You Get More Information?

The fees charged by state court systems vary by state and by county. Most places will waive court fees for applicants who can’t afford the court filing costs. Don’t ask to take a name intended to mislead, confuse or harm anyone. Adopting the name of a famous celebrity, or one that’s a racial slur would likely be denied. If you apply for United States naturalization, request legal name change at no additional charge, if you want. New American citizens get to adopt new names for any other reason. The legal adoption process allows legal name change as part of that process too.

Wherever you live in the US and whatever your reason for changing your name, you should spend enough time to learn how it’s done where you live now. Because the process is a little complicated in every state, you should consider having a professional service or lawyer help you get through it cost-effectively. A lawyer’s help will likely be considerably more expensive in every situation. In California, EZ Name Change is to help ensure that your name change process is smooth, quick and reasonably priced. Changing your name doesn’t have to be a frustrating, complicated or expensive process. It can be EZ.

EZ Name Change can answer questions about how to get your Name Change processed. “How do I change my name?”, and “What requirements for name changes does my state have?” “Can I get turned down?” “How much does it cost?” “How long does name change California take?” All good questions. Go ahead. Get the information you need. Because name change is VERY personal…and very important. Yours too, right?

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