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I Hate My Name – I Want A New Name!

Maybe you think, “I hate my name” because – It’s too odd. Too strange or difficult. Or, maybe it’s too plain and ordinary?

Whichever reason it is, some people can’t relate to themselves with the name they were born with. Takes too long to spell or pronounce it. “I hate my name” is a real thing. For some people, their own name reminds them of terrible experiences or bad people. What if you can see a future for yourself, but a new name would help you step into that future and your current name isn’t invited? Does any of that sound familiar? Name Change is a real solution for this condition. And, this is something within your control if you want to do something about it (check out top reasons to change your name).

I Hate My Name – What Can I Do About It?

Change it! Leave your current name behind and take a new name, legally. You can get all new ID and change over all your official and other records to your new legal name. You don’t have to hate your name your whole life, you can have the one you want. But, you do have to do everything correctly. A person’s name is probably the single most important personal identifying characteristic. It’s important. And, you actually can have your own name be exactly the one you want, so long as a judge approves. It’s a court process. It’s a big deal. And, you can do it if you really want to.

Step 1 – Pick a New Name

If you have already been going by the name of your choice, even though it’s not your legal name now, then you have your new name.

But, if you just hate your current name and don’t yet have a new name, give it some thought. Think about yourself now, in all your situations. And, think about the future you have in mind for yourself. You may already have some ideas of what your new name should be. Maybe you have some ideas of what it should look like, or sound like, generally, but not yet exactly what it will be. Try writing it out, with variations. Try saying it out loud.

You want a name that doesn’t detract from the person you are and, more importantly, reflects the one you will be forever becoming. You want your name to compliment you in all you do. Something that is consistent with your interests, your strengths, your desires, your beliefs – something that is you. You can choose a name you’ll love to say, and spell, and see over and over again. Choose the real, right name for yourself and start using it in all you do. When you’re ready, you can make it legal. Really.

I Hate My Name – What Choices Do I Have?

When you use the Name Change Court Order process, it’s free-form. You can choose the New Name of your choice, exactly the way you want. You can be denied, but that’s pretty rare. So figure out the name you’d like to have if you could have any name at all. Because, chances are….you can! If you decided to change your last name to your spouse’s, after you are already married…you can.If you want an initial, only, for your middle name, you can. AND, you can change your first name to your middle name if you want. Or, you can make your nickname your legal name.

Just because it’s free form, that doesn’t mean you have to change a lot if you don’t want to. You can just change one letter, if that’s exactly the way you want it. Or, just one part of your name. That’s fine too. Some people don’t even change one letter. They just change the spacing, or a hyphen. The point is….take the name you really want. Maybe we can’t do everything we want in our everyday lives. But, you can have exactly the name you want, legally.

Step 2 – Get All Your ID and Official Records Changed

Don’t carry around that name you hate one more day. This is really something you can fix. Start the Name Change Process and get your Decree Changing Name. It’s a little bit complicated and not free, but it can truly be life changing. At a minimum, it will make your life less irritating and happier. And, you can even have it done with Full Service.

You Hate My Name? – Then Change It! What Are You Waiting For?

You want a name that fits you, right?. One that describes the kind of person you’re becoming. One that doesn’t make you take extra time to spell, explain, or provide extra documentation for A name you choose to use and suits you. A name without baggage and with an unlimited future. So, choose it and use it. When you’re ready, … make it legal. If a U.S. President could do it, so can you.

When you’re ready to get your Name Legally Changed and want our help, you can start your name change right now and we’ll have your Petition paperwork done properly in no time flat! Plant Your Flag! Your own name is your single most significant, unique and personal identifier to the world around you. So, be the one you want to be….It matters to get this right!

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