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Name Change for Professional Reasons …it’s all about Success!

Name Change for Professional Reasons is a well established tool for success. That’s because people in every profession and, increasingly in occupations, are driven to consider their own name as an income factor. Entertainers who do it are often in the news. But, most people who get a legal name change for financial reasons are never on your TV. Most of the time the reasons are for job opportunities and advancement or to unify Identification for Social Security or other benefits they’re entitled to. When your income is at stake, Name Change for Professional Reasons may be part of what you need to do.

Entertainers Name Changes are Often Publicized

An actor, singer or author may create and perform using a name they think will help them be seen, recognized and remembered. When that chosen name gains enough economic footing, the artist may elect to make it a uniform identity by getting a court order Decree Changing Name and making the name permanent for every purpose. That way, the artist can get bookings, deposit checks, interact with audiences or friends, and not need to change names depending on the situation. A Name Change by court order works to make every form of ID into the same exact Name. Understandably, you can see Name Change For Professional or Political Reasons all over the entertainment world.

Name Change for Professional Reasons – Real Life Examples

For instance, In 2008, Destiny Hope Cyrus won a role on a TV show under a nickname of Miley Cyrus. It was the mega-hit Hanna Montana show. So, for one of the classic Name Change Professional Reasons, she became Miley Ray Cyrus by Order of the Los Angeles Superior Court.
But Name Change For Professional Reasons is actually used mostly by non-entertainers. Regular people of every socio-economic and ethnic background sometimes feel that if they got a different name, their job prospects would improve. Consider the story of Jose, who changed his Name to Joe to have a better shot at interviews and a job. He was right! And, for every Jose changing to Joe, there’s a Joe who has decided his financial situation will be better as Jose! Name Changes For Professional Reasons are always very personal, maybe you just hate it.

Name Change for Professional Reasons – The Process

Some people, for any of these kinds of reasons, just adopt the name they want and start using it. This is a legal process called Usage, or Common Law Name Change. BUT, no one else is REQUIRED to accept that, legally. Professional Licensing, Social Security, DMV, Banks, etc., will NOT. To be universally accepted, you need a court order or government issued Certificate. The most widely used one of these options is the court order. You get a court order, called a Decree Changing Name, by following a somewhat complicated process in Superior Court. You can do that yourself or you can have help to get it done. If you do it yourself, plan on spending a good many hours and a chunk of money. Some people who set out to do it themselves find the hurdles too frustrating or time-consuming to complete.

Name Change for Professional Reasons – It’s For Everyone

EZ Name Change offers a particularly smooth experience called FULL SERVICE Name Change. If you don’t have much time to spend on Name Change and want it done right, but cost-effectively, this is for you. EZ also has a $75 less expensive process, Ready-To-File, that you might want to check out too.

Some Examples…

There are lots of high-powered business types who get Legal Name Changes. One of our customers is an employee of an international computer hardware company. He shortened his first name for ease of communication over the years. Eventually he became CEO. Because the name he used in that business was different than the one on his birth certificate, mistakes were being made in banking, contracts, etc. Eventually he had trouble with his Passport too. So he legally changed his name. Bingo! Confusion eliminated. Another of our customers, a CEO of a Medical Equipment company had a key international hiring get hung up for the same exact reason. Birth Certificate and Driver’s License name didn’t match. He got a Decree Changing Name to adopt the name he was using all the time. Problem solved!

Why Name Change for Professional Reasons?

Professional Reasons drive Legal Name Changes in nearly every licensed business or profession. A woman who made a name for herself (and quite a bit of money) in real estate sales, did it using her lifelong nickname, even though it wasn’t her Legal Name. She felt her nickname was more marketable than her given name. After enough aggravating events where she had to explain her multiple names in business and financial settings, she got a Decree Changing Name and Presto! Her Professional Name and her Legal Name were the same. Soon after, she had ALL her ID switched to her New Legal Name. Problem eliminated!

Name Change For Professional Reasons is a driving force for more and more Legal Name Changes. Commissions, acting roles, applying for and getting better paying work, and keeping a company running profitably may depend on having the right name for the job!

If you’re ready to get exactly the right name to maximize your opportunities, we can help. Let us help you make a good investment in your future! You’re worth it.

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